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^yeah the fact that Lost Girl is pretty much the top1 show in canada(I always forget whether Lost Girl or Contiuum are the top lead and which is second) and has youtube vids reaching up to 30 million views kind of speaks for itself.

It did NOT have that big of popularity in US till we beat Glee fandom a couple of times and the show got covered by shit like AfterEllen and E Online. 


 Supernatural lost, what, 85% of its viewercount in last 3 seasons or so?





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Also, you respected Jade Elise you say? :P

More obnoxious:

And a best way to loose your braincells:

Tl;dr version of above post? "if you think SN is queer-baiting, YOUR STUPID. If you disagree with me YOUR STUPID"

















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Lol,that Jade Elise has a point,kind of.SPN is aired here in India too but i only heard about LG from your incessant fangirling.LOL at others tho.poor deluded fantards

SPN used to air on german tv as well, but then they just showed old episodes and i hardly doubt the network gave a fuck about it. they put it on at 4 am, lmao

 Supernatural lost, what, 85% of its viewercount in last 3 seasons or so?


"SUPERNATURAL had a big night, with the series' second most watched episode of the season (2.42M, best since week two on 10/10/12) and its best W18-34 rating (1.1/3) in two years (since 4/29/11).


SPN was also up 25% versus its last original episode in A18-49 (1.0/3) and 14% in M18-34 (0.8/3)."

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^to give the above the context, S1 of SN had ~6million viewers, while S2 to S3 had from 3 to 4 million.

The entirety of Season Seven has been below 2 million 



So when that fandom brings up popularity and ratings I go all: 

Ratings? what ratings? 









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I hated  s  1 2 3 of supernatural ,   s  4 5 6 7 8 are the best if you dont agree you can fuck off, And the  reason the viewers dropped is because the show got to   smart and complicated for the  dumwitted dull idiots to be able to understand  so basically  the trash was just taking out.

Hey invested  in your future someone wants to say hello



Delta Goodrem

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