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Useless? Nope.


3 Vampires would get owned to shreds by one slayer.


3 Turok-Han would own one slayer to shreds :)


 they weren't any stronger than normal vamps,

Yes they were.  

Of course considering the goal seems to have been not just slaughter them all but to push Buffy onto doing the whole scythe thing and breaking the slayer line that EVENTUALLY leads to The first winning, it was clearly a given victory.  

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I am not talking about mythology, but what actually happens on screen. In the finale, slayers with a regular stake kills them a lot. The first one was strong, but in the finale they were weak as fuck. It's not something that you can try and argue your way out of, because it is what is it. All the übervamps in the finale was ON SCREEN not a lot stronger than normal vamps. 

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oh, you two

marry already

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. In the finale, slayers with a regular stake kills them a lot.

Yes and Buffy killed the first turok-han with but a wire.


They are HARDER to kill, not impossible. Thats what Buffy showed to everyone else when she did that. Their fear got the best of them before that.


The main advantage of The First was numbers and as implied when Buffy-First talks with Caleb, they are trying to make a push for Buffy to make "that one decision that leads to everything else"


The First WANTED Buffy to activate the Scythe that way - it led her steal it and forbid Caleb from retaking it.

 The First pretty much sacrificed its entire Turok-Han army to get what it wants - an unearthing of Hellmouth's core, a breaking of slayer line and Buffy ending the world.  

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Well that is just completly unreletated. It was about the usefullness of them, which in the finale is low/useless, if it wasen't for the immense numbers. The first one is strong, and doesn't die from simply getting staked. And it didn't die simply by a wire, it got decapitated, a wire being the weapon of choice and convenience. Joss Whedon simply made them a lot weaker in the finale so that the weakened vamps would match the power of the group of slayers. Simple as that. It would have been a complete annihilation if they were all as strong as the first one that got out. But because he wanted many, he had to make them weaker, and he made them so weak that they were to the point of useless individually/in smaller groups(~15).



Same with the drones. They were near useless in IM 2. A regular punch would take them out. First time i watched it, i assumed there were pretty much on the level of Tony's suits, because they were made by a guy with the skill to made the same arc reactor as Tony(although with complete plans of how). But they were incredible weak. Similar to that, when i watched BtVS finale for the first time, i assume that the übervamps would be as strong as the first one that got out, but they were immensly much weaker, bordering on useless if it wasen't because of their immense number. . .

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I realise I haven't been on this website in like 1032578123 years, and most people probably don't even remember me but oh well. I was just randomly on here and I saw this thread and I couldn't help but just wonder about Avengers. I also realise this is well off topic but it's about Joss Whedon so it's still relevant. Am I the only person in the world who didn't love that movie? Or found it lacking in many ways?   

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Well i was nervous the first 20 minutes of the movie. It felt like s series introduction and was like "Can he handle a movie like this", but then it got turned around and i like the rest. Especially the characters interaction scenes on the ship. 

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So it was just confirmed that Whedon will helm Avengers II too (seriously was anyone surprised?)


In other news:


Joss Whedon will also be developing  a yet unanounced live-action Marvel tv show  that will air on ABC

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No idea what will the tv show be, the most logical ideas are either Runaways(since Whedon helmed  alot of comic book issues in that stuff, its more down-to-earth, has an ensemble-cast, etc) or a shield tv show. 

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That's great news. I loved avengers:) I hope the marvel tv show is awesome!!! I just watched Batman- the dark knight rises... It was long and not mind blowing like I expected!
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