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So yeah....

Young Baelfire.

In Storybrooke.

In present times.

In Modern Clothes.


But can i just say that Henry is pissing me the fuck off! That kid is so annoying. Get rid of magic???Really bitch? Really?


tbh i never really got why people hated henry so much.I mean he is just child, he's not always going to make the best decisions or be the most rational

and getting rid of magic was actually a natural reaction.Regina was going to use magic to control him, to make him love her and the only solution that was presenting itself outside of getting rid of magic involved his heros coldly planing on  someone he does care about (not that they wouldn't be in the right but thats a different story) and after emma lying to him to about his dad he obviously wasn't ready to have his illusions of them being further shattered.



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tbh i never really got why people hated henry so much.I mean he is just child, he's not always going to make the best decisions or be the most rationalThe actor is shitty, over-acting, has an annoying lisp and is VERY annoying. That's pretty much it.

The kid who played child-Owen would have been far better in that role.





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so its not the character really then, but the way the actor is playing him?

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I'm sorry but i cannot see Emma jumoing to go to a land where she has literally no control over her own life and will be in constant danger. She wouldn't want Henry in that situation either. She's gonna side with Snow on this while Henry, being the child that he is, will side with grampa Charming. Baelfire will NOT want to go back either so that will be a trip for all involved. Thought: maybe the cure to Bella's memories is to go back to the EF... 

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I agree with @Red I'm pretty sure Charming is the only one in the charming family who wants to go back to FTL,altho i'm not so sure about Henry.He seemed pretty stoked about the idea of FTL.

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I think that when it come to that Red that it will be Emma making the decision for the main cast.
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I would not be so sure on Henry.

he is like his father very anti-magic 

Emma I guess will stay on the middle for a while(you hear her say in the promo that "storybrooke is not safe either"). 














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Snow is a firm NO though. 

And I would not be surprised on if in S3 you woould have LOSt like plotline with them wanting to leave and Snow sabotaging that. 



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I wonder on when will they find out about Tamara, though. I have no doubts on her being from Neverland though. 

ANd how young Baelfire fits into all this shit. 



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