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Im new to this forum, but I am a huge Vampire Diaries Fan. I joined this forum for a class project. I wanted to know a few things though from you other users. What is your age, gender, race, and why do you love Vampire Diares?

Thanks so much for your help, and I am excited to start blogging more.


Please only real answers! :)

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Here's the link to the topic you've opened before asking the same thing.


And LOL, what kind of class project is this ! Education nowadays u_u

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this is probably as random but elena st-laurent (aca frenchie :D) i sent you a private message

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Jeez didn't you see the thread you made weeks ago, what she said.
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I want to help you,but I'm afraid I can't,because I'm not from this planet. I think It's too much for a class project.

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