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Guys, just wanted to ask somebody:

1. this Michael was a real badass and I really think that everyone knew him, so tell me, why the hell Elijah wanted to use witches to kill Klaus instead of sending Michael for him?????I'm sure Elijah knew about this hunter, so why they couldn't stop the ritual and all that mess with bringing Michael to the party?or maybe Elijah was afraid of being killed by Michael himself?


2. Pearl knew Michael.When Michael was hunting for Klaus in 1920s and Pearl was in the tomb. In our time Pearl came out of the tomb so that means Michael was already buried in HIS tomb. Then Pearl was quickly killed and Anna also after that. How the hell Pearl and Anna know now where is Michael buried????The only option is for Anna to be always looking after the hunter...?

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you know Julie Plec is known to make holes in her plots like a pesky rat making holes in someone's house

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why the hell Elijah wanted to use witches to kill Klaus instead of sending Michael for him?????

Probably because Michael would've killed him too.
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About the second question, what Mrs Niklaus said.

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^^ lol I wanted to say that

but I cant help myself dissing PLEC

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KW and Plec do not write long term plots. They think up shit they "think is cool" two or three episodes before they do it. Hence why so far everything is quite disorganized and why elijah became more and more of a pussy with each episode and originals became more and more powerful and invincible with each episode. Heck originaly they did not even plan to make originals a family, but more a factions of different uber powerful old vamps with klaus as king everyone wants to topple for their own faction to be on top(imo the cooler idea than wha thtey have going on now).


then plec suddenly thought "hey lets add family issues!"" 

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The first question is probably because it was too risky. Michael sounds like the Chaotic Good kinda fellow who plays juggernaut untill his target is down. Klaus was running from him, Elijah didn't know where Klaus was. Elijah's plan had a much higher succes rate(untill Elena got into the plan, that is) than bringing this Michael back. Alternativly Elijah could have lured out Klaus, and then set free Michael(assuming Elijah knew Michael's tombs location, that is). 


But yes the second is just an inconsistency. . . 

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An answer for your second question. Anna got the information from other dead vampires or witches.

Ghost communicate with each other. Maybe they have their own "Mystic Grill"

So Anna just go there to gossip with some old vampires.

Just like Vicki getting that message to Matt from some dead witches. >.<



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The second one is a plot hole. But the first one is pretty easily explained, by the sounds of it this Michael guy has been hunting both Rebekah and Klaus, probably meaning that he hunts originals. Elijah didn't want to be at a further risk of death I am assuming. 

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