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What did everyone think???

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Mrs Elijah Smith
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meh expect stefan scenes and klaus needs to be MORE scarier still not buying it smh

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it was pretty good  . but i gotta say i don't like it that they showed us that stephan still has good and him and that he still cares and stuff ,i mean @ least not so early !  .

i liked the scene with alaric and damon when they found the 2 dead girls and how damon recognized stephan's signature and that they were his victims .Also i liked the scene with stephan ,damon and andy with the famous ( hello brother).i liked it better when damon said it though :P

But 4 some reason i still have the feeling that something is missing ,they should bring elijah back quicker ,or maybe katherine,u know anyone cool other than elena that can help damon and alaric,elena's a bit boring !..i liked her words to stephan at the end though .!

anyways nice episode ,loved caroline and tyler ,i look forward to the next episodes :D

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For the most part I liked it too. Definitely loved Tyler and Caroline's scenes. I found it weird that Elena spent her whole birthday upset over Stefan and didn't once mention that she missed her dead family members. I agree though that this episode was kind of lacking for me. It wasn't boring, but it definitely wasn't an edge of your seat episode.

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Well actually I don't find it weird that Elena didn't mention her dead family members. That's just typical Elena.

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lol daisyjane 

that's not weird it's really typical of Mrs. Cardboard to scowl, to  jawdrop, and attempt  to cry to pretend that she is not a sociopath. 

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and yes about her dead family

really proves she is a sociopath

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Like the episode, like the ripper Stefan, love the scene he tortured and killed Andie, just tell us he has no problem to kill an aquitance, don't like his call to Elena, too early.

Like forward, love Carol shot Caroline, never saw it coming, and Carol becomes so strong after just being there for two seasons.

Like Elena's new look, totally cool, don't like anything else about her in this ep, what's point to set up a birthday party, if all the things are still about Stefan, just to make the timeline a little bit clear?

Have no idea why Alaric is travelling with Damon, doesn't he have his own life?

Totally hate the ghost story, like the fact they don't bring Elijah back, I still have the trust issues with him.

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Meh, indeed:


The good:

- ANDIE IS FINALLY DEAD THE BITCH. Not as disjointed and better paced than last 9 episodes of s2.


The OK:

-  Steff and klaus so far. I so hope Steff takes that stick off his ass and starts acting badass, betrays klaus, goes on his own, bla bla bla. Carol shooting Caroline.

The bad:

Elena. Damon/Elena still annoying and boring nad bland and annoying instead of s1 fun... Damon/Andie shit Damon No follow through FOR THE DAMN DOZEN OF DEATHS THAT HAPPENED. Steff is still carebear and was not exactly terrifying. Playing Damon DOES NOT make one terrifying. He does not feel like badguy, sadly. NOthing important happened. Random extra deaths,bla bla. Yay for epic stelena.... forwood...go to hell plec. Just....go to hell and burn there. Matt/Jeremy shit = boring. Party itself = pointless background. 
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The bad(contd):

12.  Yay steff killed andie? I mean its great the bitch is dead, but we are supposed to care that steff did it? Be appaled by that maybe? Not sure. Andie is pretty much an extra character. I damn hopwe he kills SOMEONE important and not someone SHOW THINKS is important. Because andie's death did nothing to me. 

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