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Since we now know that they are casting "Connor" for a show, how long till he:

cries pitifully gets a crush on bonnie or Elena or Caroline? starts building his own house opens up about his family problems


I am giving two episodes max. 

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Also lol at name choice. Poor Plec. the only creative capabilities left are copy and paste now. 

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I give it negative 2 episodes
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seems fair. The very first second of his introduction will be him falling in love with Elena, accidentally getting his finger stuck in between the doors and crying about it all. 

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wow i said 2 too lol

damn i hate you two

that villain will so be a member of church of Elena, very predictable

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I give him 3 episodes. If you look at the trend of villains on TVD, they are given HUGE buildups of fear from the other charcters before they are actually introduced themselves (Kat and Klaus, more so on the Klaus). Once they are introduced in the flesh, they are actaully promising as "baddass" for a good 2-3 episodes ONLY because they don't get constant screen time and they usually come with a mysterious agenda that only makes us think that they're baddass. Once we start seeing them on the regular then we start to see the glaring holes where their personalities should be. Thats why i think 3 episodes is a fair enough time period for Plec to fuck him up. 

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I say two or three episodes which his entire existant is center on Elena.
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Thats why i think 3 episodes is a fair enough time period for Plec to fuck him up.

you are giving far too much faith in to Plec's abilities.

For all we know the new "villain" will be as boring as Esther was form the first second she appeared.  

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"Connor" will only turn into a pussy if he falls for Elena/Caroline. With Bonnie cause she's a badass witch she can handle his badassness. Duh.
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Yep, max 2 episodes....episode 1 he will be introduced as a super bad, but by episode 2 we will find out he has some shitty thing that links him to Elena or whatever something that makes him go soft.....

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