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yay! im so excited for the masquerade ep. looks amazing. :) i love tvd.

comment on your thoughts about whats gonna happen on the amazing episode.




nina looks gorgeous. and i can't wait for this ep! :)

took me a long time to load these pics so a little thank you wouldnt hurt. xD




tell me watcha think the eps gonna be about!


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OH . MY . GOD.

nina is so attractive (girlcrush, hard.).

also, which photos is Elena in, and which ones is Katherine in?

confusing doppleganger is confusing.

but i'm so excited for this episode.<3

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Yeah, I have no idea who is who in these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

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but isnt katherine supposed to have curly hairrrr???!!!!

LOL they cant do this to us; i seriously can't them apart in stills then. cause nina seems too cocky and confident in these to be elena; seems like the characteristics of katherine but why would damon and stefan be standing so close to her then??

NINA looks lovely here thought <3

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Thank you so much for posting these great pics! We really appreciate it. Kat is dressed like Elena for some reason. Even the dress is too conservative to be Katherine`s.
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I think it is Katherine as well

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It could be elena because she is wearing the vervain necklace...

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did anybody stop and think that maybe they could be dressed the same. it's not like it's NOT in katherine's character to mind fuck everyone.

so basically that means the whole 'elena or katherine' argument is kinda moot.


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Yeah, that's what I thought at first then I remebered...Katherine told Stefan she's pretty much immune to bervain because she trained herself to become used to it...she said so in Memory Lane 2x04

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It's Katherine, in one of the photos she's wearing the blue necklace. And she looks a little bit more malicious and confident than Elena.

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