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For those of you who like me love this original, this is the thread specially for him!!!! He's my favorite original!!!!!! I just love him so much!!!!! This is the thread for the Badass Elijah Smith!!!!!!

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ElijahSucksMyWorld!!! <3

(It won't insert any of my pictures...!)





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.... Love. <3

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omg he's so..delicious!

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team elijah !!!! this ep was amazing, especially elijah, loved the backstory, i like him, he seems like a good guy !!! and i don't like klaus( great actor by the way, really liked the way he portrayed klaus), he's too cruel for wanting he's brother dead !! team elijah !!! yes @ teamdamon4ever you got me haha :p

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Did you guys see how Elijah looked at Elena when he was talking to her, he had a tender look in his eyes...and looked at her and talking with her seemed to have triggered his memories of Katherine, because he loved her. So sweet.

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Chair Delena

love this dude of allll originals......damn he is sexy and u said....he was so tender when he spoke with Elena....i hope he gets his katherine....:)

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yeah, he is fine for a man his How old do you think he really is? 30's or early 40's? I hope he stays a major part of the show.

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Daniel Gillies who plays Elijah is 35 years old... 

I love Elijah!!!! He's an amazing character!!!!! Elijah's not in the books....but you guys have no idea how thankful and happy I am that he's on the show!!!!!!!

The look he gave Elena was so cute...I feel so sad for him...cause he really cared for Katherine...and she ran away!!!!! Poor guy!!! 

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he almost seems to sweet and caring to be an original !!! but i love that !!! i hope it's him that finally kicks klaus assss

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