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Hey all!

I don't know if such a thread have already been made.

I just thought it could be fun to see the forums users choises of their favourite scene(s)

So post your scene with either; A clip from youtube or sites alike, a good description of the scene and saying what episode it is from.

But just post your favourite. There is no really criterias, but states your "why's"

It can be your funniest or stupidest, hottest, weirdest, or just a point of view of a scene you like:D

PS. This is not a thread for debature, or appreciation of different characters or ships, so don't!

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It's my thread so I'll go first.

The scene where Mason is dead, and Damon is calling Katherine. I just love when he calls and antagonize Katherine:D

He is so cold and funny in that scene. "Wrong boytoy"!!!!:D

Anyway it is in episode 2x6 "Plan B".

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Ofcause you can say a character is nice, but only if it is related to the scene your posting. I just don't want people to praise their favourite characters, when there are other threads made for that purpose.


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there's not just ONE scene but this is one of fav

I hate the way Damon treated Caroline in the past so when I watched this scene I was like "u go girl!".

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My favorite scenes are when Damon takes off his shirt, or scenes where he doesn't have a shirt or pants lol 

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It's hard to choose...but one of my favorite scenes was the finale of season 1 Damon kissing Katherine(but in the moment that happend I belived it was Elena) and Damon's face expresion after the kiss because it was something I hoped since I first saw Damon.The scene was EPIC


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I have a lot of favorite scenes but i think i'm still not over this one !! And i think no scene so far has been able to top this mostly because I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING Season 1 episode 22 ;)
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Yea that is one awesome scene:D

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1. (Especially Stefan's, "I met this girl...", quote"

2. (Mainly because the song fits well!)




*Don't mind this nonsense, I have troubles posting unless I write long posts*






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yea that John-killing scene is awesome:D

I suppose most or all of us like this scene,


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