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I just 'came up with' a game (i'm sure other forums have a game similar to this but anyway...) and the rules are simply that i (as the first person) write a question starting with "True or false" and then the next person answers "True" or "False" based on a subjective opinion followed by another "True or False" question.

The question that needs to be answered can be as crazy as wanted but please keep it somewhat civil - NO FIGHTING OVER SOMEONE'S SENTENCE OR ANSWER! - It is not allowed to comment on people's choice like, "do you really think she is hotter than her?!" and such... this is a subjective game that allows us to get to know each other's opinion without being hustled about it.

Example of question and answer:

(Question) True or false: Tyler is hotter than Matt? (Answer from another person): True.

So I hope you guys get it :) Enjoy!


Here's my question (as the one above):

True or false: Tyler is hotter than Matt?
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True or False: Stefan hotter when he's The Ripper?

(Love the game!!!!!)

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Awesome game:)

Is Jeremy annoying?

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True or False: Klaus is hotter than Elijah? 
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False!!!!! Elijah all the wayyy True or False: Beremy sex in season 3?
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(@RedOktober, remember to put "True or false" before your question :P )

To @Stavroula's question: TRUE!


True or false: Alaric has the hottest male body on the show?
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OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So hard........................................ Let me think.....................

TRUE!!! But only marginally

True or False: Katherine looks better with Stefan than Elena

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Dang it!

To @pink's question: TRUE!


True or false: Alaric has the best male body on the show?
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You are too quick for me! :P

To @RedOktober's question: TRUE!


True or false: Alaric has the best male body on the show?
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@ Pink. False and gross

@ DamonSucksMyWorld. False

True or False: DELENA sex in season 3

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