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- Wow. Damon/Stefan moments (forget Delena/Stelena, now Defan is the hit). It was really refreshing to leave all Elena drama and focus on brotherhood.

- Damon being kind of season 01 Damon again. god, how much i missed season 01 Damon. Yes, it is true that the change was a little bit random but still .. awesome

- The storyline of the possesed ring is pretty good but it upsets me that Alaric might be the killer :( .. but well dont forget about Jeremy!! He owns one of the magic ring as well.


- Flashback was boring. I expected more bcs TVD flashbacks always rocked. Unfortunately not this one. I was not interested. (miss Lockwood was pretty though)

- Who is the villain now? Killing Klaus is still the biggest deal? He is so harmless now! All he does is drawing, building a house and hitting on Caroline. Where is the problem?

- TVD is dealing with problems off screen AGAIN. Tyler and his hybrid problem? He has to leave. Bonnie and her grand mum dying? They had to be away. And now Bonnie’s mum changing into a vampire. What of course? Dealing off screen. Not good.

- No Kol, Katherine, Elijah, Caroline or Tyler. DAMN BRING THEM BACK. I miss them!!!!!! 

…. so what do you guys think?

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