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This is wallsssssss of text, but's fucked up stuff.

This Thursday, there will be a boycott of The Vampire Diaries episode and I encourage you all to join us. It’s time that we collectively made a decision to stand up for ourselves against the showrunners. It’s time that they understood that we, as fans, are in control of the ratings and that they can not mistreat us. For all those wondering what grounds we have for a boycott, let me explain:

1. Incident One- Matt Davis Insults A Deceased TVD Fan

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what started the Twitter drama yesterday. It began because of Matt Davis and his dismissive tweets about a death of a beloved TVD fan. Her name was Leah (@leahmasliah). She was 17 years old and she lost her battle with cancer. People began posting tweets about her, telling her to rest in peace. Eventually a trend was started for her and people began tweeting the cast and crew of TVD for help. All it would have taken was a simple retweet, less than one second. But Matt Davis seemed to be annoyed by this and posted a truly damaging and hurtful tweet disrespecting Leah’s death. Matt could have easily just ignored the tweets that were asking for help with the trend or blocked the people who were sending them or simply sign off Twitter for a while. But he chose to get nasty about it. His tweet was so uncalled for that Leah’s family was forced to respond. Matt later deleted his tweet because too many people were upset by it. Later on in the day though, he issued a more reserved statement.Incident Two- Julie Plec Insults Bonnie Fans

Later on in the day, a Bonnie fan tweeted Julie expressing dissatisfaction at Jamie being Bonnie’s new love interest. When Julie asked the fan what the problem with that was, the fan went on to explain that a lot of people view Jamie as Bonnie’s step-brother (which isn’t at all an incorrect assumption.) Rather than kindly explaining why Jamie shouldn’t be seen this way, Julie decided to insult that fans “logic.” Not only did she make the fan out to seem as if she was crazy, but Julie then proceeded to insult the ENTIRE BONNIE FANDOM by bringing up one of the more popular crackships for Bonnie (Kennett) and shutting it down. View the tweets below.Needless to say, people were enraged. And with good reason. For one, Julie’s lack of respect for the Bonnie fandom was evident. For every other character on the show, Julie encourages the fans to be passionate and to ship him/her with everyone. But for a ship involving Bonnie, it’s immediately a “no” in her eyes. Why are other people allowed to be passionate, but Bonnie fans are not? People were also upset for another HUGE reason. The blatant HYPOCRISY of Julie’s tweets and her favoring of the other characters for simplistic reasons. Julie said that beautiful and strong Bonnie wouldn’t be with a murderous vampire like Kol, forgetting that she wrote a love interest for Caroline who also happens to be a murderous vampire.   Are Caroline and Elena not beautiful and strong? Her reasoning for why Kol/Bonnie could never happen was flawed. I do not, in any way, ship Kol/Bonnie, and I actually like Jamie from what I’ve seen so far, but I was upset by these tweets. Julie never answers Bonnie related questions on Twitter. Fans have always tweeted her about Bonnie and she ignores it. But the one time she does respond, she not only gives shade to the person asking the question but she insulted the entire Bonnie fandom by disregarding anything/everything they desire for her character. No simple “never say never” or “give Jamie a chance.” We were just encouraged to not ship Bonnie with anyone other than guest stars who will die in a few episodes and be okay with it. Because of the nature of the tweets, the fandom went into uproar. Even non-Bonnie fans were questioning the tone of Julie’s response to the Bonnie fandom. About an hour later, the tweets were deleted. But the damage had already been done.Incident Three- Matt Davis Comes To Julie’s Defense And Makes A Racist Remark

Later on that night, Matt Davis issued a Twitlonger post about how the fandom needs to get off Julie’s back because we would never be able to write a show like she does and she is the reason why TVD is even on. On the contrary Matt, the fans are the reason why the show is still on TV and you’re a fanfiction writer so you should know that people can and do write interesting storylines for this show. Once again, Matt insults the fans. He blindly supported Julie Plec’s remarks to the fans without understanding why we were upset or trying to sympathize with us. All the while, Julie was thrilled to have his support. Clearly, not having any remorse for what she said earlier.

Calling Matt Davis a hero for defending her after he had insulted a dead 17 year old girl earlier in the day and yet again, insulted the fans of the show. Well, does that say something to you? But things did not stop there. No. It just got progressively worse. When a Bonnie fan tweeted Matt about his pro-Julie rant, he got so unprofessional that he called her “an asshole.”But alas, my friends, that was not even the worst of it. When that Bonnie fan brought up the fact that Bonnie/Kat Graham was a woman of color on the show and that she is neglected by the writers, Matt Davis, in all his class, did just about the LOWEST thing he could have done and posted an extremely racist tweet.I was floored. I could not believe that those words were actually typed from his fingers. To insult the fans, but no, not simply the TVD fandom, BUT TO INSULT, SPECIFICALLY, BLACK FANS AND VIEWERS OF THIS SHOW, is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen. Matt deleted all those tweets quickly afterword. But again, a lot of people had already seen them and were furious. 

So TVDfamily, do you see what is happening here? The showrunners think they can treat us this way. But they can’t. Matt can not get away with tweeting something like that. This isn’t about being upset that a character is not getting a love interest. This is about something PERSONAL. This is about the fact that the cast and crew think they can disrespect us when we are the ones who watch the show and put them in the position they are in right now. Are you going to sit by and support people who make statements like this? Do you support racism? Do you support disrespect of the deceased? Do you support someone insulting your intelligence? No? Then JOIN US. The only way we are going to get the showrunners to see that we mean business is to get the ratings of the show to slip. Let them know that if they don’t stop treating us like shit, we won’t be watching! 


Please understand that this is not an attack on the other cast and crew of the show who are guilty of nothing. It is not our intention to get the show canceled. All we want is for the ratings to slip enough for Julie and Matt to issue an apology to the fandom.


If you want to join, all you have to do is not watch the TVD episode on your TVs this Thursday. You also can not DVR it because those numbers count for the ratings. Please watch the episode online after it has aired if you like.


Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Please reblog so word spreads.
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Well I always watch online anyways(no other choice)so I can't do anything really lol but I can see why they're doing it.I don't think it's just what happened,Bonnie fans have been treated like the ugly red-headed stepchild for nearly three seasons now.This is just the last straw.I mean matt was disrespectful and shouldn't have got involved in something that wasn't his business.JP was also idiot getting snippy over a polite tweet when she gets death threaths on daily basis from cray-cray de/se if she hadn't gone on her little rant no-one would have cared.
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If I was the CW I would tell the whole cast & staff to delete there twitter accounts and have them issue an apology.
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I'm sorry but I just think this is COMPLETELY ridiculous. Tell me, what are these people planning to gain by boycotting? Nothing. If they really wanna boycott, then stop watching the show entirely. One episode that is low in ratings isn't gunna make a dent. If they are so determined to bring down TVD, they better buckle up for a hell of a ride cause for a network to get rid of it's HIGHEST RATED show, drastic things have to take place.


People need to understand that this TWO PEOPLE. TWO. What about all of the actors/actresses on the show? The directors, writers, producers? What about the rest of the cast? Some of these people need their jobs to support themselves and their families and just cause some people got butt hurt over some things said on TWITTER, we're gunna boycott? What are we five? If people think they're going to achieve anything from this, they better wake up and smell the coffee cause nothings going to happen.

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I'm sorry but I just think this is COMPLETELY ridiculous. Tell me, what are these people planning to gain by boycotting? Nothing.

Ratings fall.

Ratings = Everything. :)

 Some of these people need their jobs to support themselves and their families and just cause some people got butt hurt over some things said on TWITTER, we're gunna boycott?

They are part of the system and I really really doubt any of them will be without jobs.

Please stop trying to paint CW as some indie film studio.  

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Post by signalfire90:



Can Someone Explain To Me Why…



The TVD fandom is so pressed about this boycott? If you don’t want to boycott, don’t boycott it. No one is holding you by a leash and telling you not to watch the show. Some people want to boycott it. Good for them. You can’t control what they do. What are you so upset over? Do you really think that the ratings will drop because people aren’t tuning in? But I thought you guys said that we were insignificant anyways and that we had no control over the ratings. Now you’re throwing a hissy fit because we are actually following your advice and leaving the show? Tough. 



You don’t need to post confessionals about how you’ll never boycott the show. We all know you will when your favorite couple isn’t happening or your favorite character dies. Because there’s honestly nothing but hypocrites in the TVD fandom. I’m pretty sure the Delena fandom threw a boycott after the episode where Damon shoved his wrist down Elena’s throat because they were so annoyed with Julie for ruining Damon. The only difference is that this boycott is getting more exposure than yours did. And it’s because this boycott is actually a valid reason to boycott…


Why are you so mad that OTHER PEOPLE want to stop watching the show? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Your life is not affected by that. You’ll still get to watch your show. And for those worrying that us not watching will get the show canceled, I really doubt one episode is going to do that. Calm down.  




The immature fans are walking contradictions. One minute they state that bonnie fans are less than one percent of the fandom (not taking into account other fans from OTHER ships who will be participating in the boycott) so who cares if they don't watch, and then they turn around and state how upset they are about the boycott and how this could cancel the show...






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And this is why not everyone should be on Twitter.
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Now really..Matt is being disrespectful sometimes and JP thinks she owns the freaking world..Sometimes I think they should get married ugh

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Wow, I wake up to find that so much has happened over one night... Well, first of all reading the Twitter messages of these two, I just can't help but wonder, who is the adult here? Cos it seems like we here have more common sense and decency in what we post than those people. 



What about the rest of the cast? Some of these people need their jobs to support themselves and their families and just cause some people got butt hurt over some things said on TWITTER, we're gunna boycott? 

...and does JP take that into account when she writes the episodes and makes those Twitter comments? Or are we just supposed to consider the cast and the crew's feelings and jobs... just a thought..

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Matt was rude, but he has a point! I mean, your daughter dies and you're tweeting the whole cast to say something about her death! That's disrespectful imo!

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