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I love this thread =p

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Poor Trevino. The guy was a good actor. I feel bad that he gets sidelined so easy. Btw, does anyone think Klaus will actually hunt him down and kill him?

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Funny that you say that, because I always thought Trevino was one of the weaker actors in the cast.

But the only reason he's leaving is because he doesn't occupy Plec's wet dreams. He's just unlucky that his showruner didn't have a hard on for him like she has for Roerig, for example.


Idk if Klaus will hunt him, but I'm sure he's not killing him any time soon.

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If Klaus won't even hunt Katherine then why should I assume he'll hunt Tyler
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but everyone's reaction to it made me think he's never coming back. Well congrats on gettign rid of the only sensible male on the show. I guess Klaus crazy fangirls can go dance a happy dance now.

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poor trevino, i honestly always enjoyed him being around. Plec ofc just had to ruin Tyler by her writing.

The only great part of this episode: THE BITCH IS BACK <3

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fuck you kitty

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Tyler left???YAY.BEST NEWS EVER.Now i can watch the show again.Atleast Care will be less pathetic.and with a thinner cast,the show can focus on characters we actually care about rather than the ones we're rooting for to die.Although i gave more fucks about Jeremy more than i ever gave about Matt or Tyler tbh.

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the ammount of misogyny in this forum is getting disgustingly big. 

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How is not liking Ty-Ty=Misogyny? I didn't know he was a girl.

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