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Didn't Stefan tell Elena that the vervain necklace belonged to Katherine in S1 (not sure but I think it was ep7 or something)???

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Yeah! I thought about it too! I always thought that it was Katherine's! And now it looks like it's Rebecca's! WTF?

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I'll repeat this:


Don't think.

Don't try to reason what happens. 

Just blank out everything that has to do with wimpfan, wimpmon and cardboard twosome.

Imagine that Caroline is main character.

Ship Forwood.

blank out everything else in this show.



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tvd started to fail after masquerade


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I totally forgot. Are you sure you're not talking about the crystal necklace? I don't remember that the vervain necklace belonged to Katherine. . .

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It never belonged to Katherine. Why on Earth would Elena have ever accepted something that Stefan would have told her belonged to Katherine? Katherine only ever had it a couple of times when she was pretending to  be Elena, but she always does wear some kind of necklace.

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I am pretty sure we even had the discusion here on jus thow sick and WTF is for steff to gift Kat's necklace to Elena.

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Katanishi what did it take for Angel to get his own spinoff? Or was that a plan from the beginning of Buffy? Because I look at Caroline as the lead character.
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It took fan popularity and fan disgust.


After what he did in S2 of BTVS, well, he gained a lot new fans and he got a lot more haters.  From what Whedon says in interviews, Angel's storyline sort of was needed for the upcomming war and shows would have reunited in their tenth seasons if they got to that or something.


And no, TVD won't get a spin off - KW already got TWO TVD spin offs shot down by CW execs. Although it would be nice. Sort of reverse situation with BTVS. in that case  the main show(btvs) remained awesome) while the spin off started to suck horribly in this case the main show is already starting to loose and do similar mistakes and the caorline spin off would be awesome.


Sadly it won't happen. 

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Caroline says fuck you to everything here, relocates to some other town and spin off follows her there being awesome.


I would certainly watch that. Add Meredith into that mix and the show woul dbe the best thing currently on tv. 

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