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Let's try to keep things positive guys!! I really liked this episode!

1. I loved Datherine (always) :)

2. Forwood was adorable even if I do forsee nothing but awful things coming from Tyler's new transformation

3. I'm really starting to like Rebekah. She's grown on me.

4. Damon (pretty much always love him too)

5. Can't wait to see what happens with Stefan, Damon, and Elena all together again in this new arrangement

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I also like Rebekah and glad that Tyler is a hybrid because it is cool. I am glad that Klaus turn off Stefan emotions because now the real fun with him begin. They left a big gap about how did Klaus find out that it was Elena blood that he needed for his hybrid army and what happen between the time that Stefan bit her and the hospital. That was a lame senior prank.

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I also think that they might want to get Bonnie and Matt together sometime.

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I definitely think a Bonnie/Matt hookup is coming. I was kind of (really) hoping he would die for good. Hahaha I feel terrible saying that but OMG he is so boring. Not like that is anything new.

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i'm loving klaus ,,his lines r great ,also the actor playing him is pretty good ,,also i am starting to like rebekah ,she's kinda cool !...glad stephan is bad now ,,but it really took them too long to make him bad !!,i mean he was supposed to be bad from the begining of the season !!..and when they finally decide to make him bad ,it's because klaus compelled him !??'s just kinda lame!!...but @least he's bad now !!

matt is really really boring ,,i feel that the writers r trying to impose him on us ,,!!..he's useless,,!.he doesn't fit in and he doesn't have a storyline pretty much since the show started ..making him able 2 c vicky is a really desperate move from the writers to make him useful !,,,it's just boring and  i can't c what's the use of this story line ,,jeremy already sees her !

love delena ofcourse,,i just love the way damon looks at her ,!,,,4 me she is boring ,,!but i really want damon to be happy for once!!,,,

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I love how they're totally reversing Stefan and Damon. Now, Stef is the one who's being a smart ass and bad and Damon's the good(compared to Stefan) one.

Loved the part where Damon was like to Katherine 'You just don't do it for me anymore' .lol.

And of course the last delena scene. I think i almost cried when Damon was like 'i'll never leave you'. I was like awwwww, but then Stefan walked in and ruined it. And wtf is the deal with Stefan in mystic falls again? I can pretty much already predict what's gonna happen there.

Matt is totally useless. He almost killed himself just to learn something that they already knew, he is just like Elena except if possible even dumber. Boring? Check. Self sacrificing? Check. Altogether annoying? Check.

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Creepy Stefan in the end,

Klaus chilling in the gym, just hanging out.


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I thought Damon was so sweet with Elena! But I wish he was spending his time on someone who would love him back. I honestly think the most Delena action we're going to get is a lot of flirting and maybe a couple of kisses but I don't think they are ever going to be a real couple. Damon needs a brand new girl to fall for. Although I wouldn't mind him being with Katherine. I love their dynamic :)

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I think that Matt and Bonnie are going to be a couple. I don't like that, because I really loved Jeremy and Bonnie together.

Stefan is of course going to be uncompeled some day. I think that Elena and Stefan are coming together again eventually. Their storyline is way too much like a flashing light. Then they are together and the next moment they are breaking up... It get's boring.

I want to know the story of Michael and Klaus. I'm really curious about that, 'cause Klaus dissapeared way too fast if you ask me.

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