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I've read that Matt is gonna be jealous about Tyler and Caroline hanging out in the next few episodes, but then Matt has been compelled to fight Tyler untill Tyler kills him and in the Masquerade promo there is a scene where Tyler and Matt fight so...... Will Tyler kill him????

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I think that Tyler won't kill him, considering they are best friends. Tyler knows what it will do to him if he kills someone, so he might be able to take control of the situation.

Also Stefan, Caroline and Damon will be there and they are strong enough to pull them apart, aren't they?


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I am still holding onto the hope that it is not Matt that is killed - but if he was to be killed, then making Tyler kill him would be too predictable from the audiences point of view; and if I've learned anything about the writers of this show during the course of it's 1 and a half seasons is that they love to keep the audience on their toes and surprise them when they least expect it. I don't think Tyler will kill Matt; as M makes a good point - Tyler knows what'll happen to him if he does kill someone, so I think he'll be able to control himself to some degree.

Apparently two people close to Elena will die - Tyler might kill the other person.


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I'm posotive Matt won't die - it's way too predictable. I hope it's not Jenna - that would suck. what if it is Jeremy? not that I want to, but that would be hella unexpected and tragic since he's Elena's brother and just started being friends with Tyler.

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They have said BEFORE the Plan B episode that two people would die before the end of masquerade. Mason has already been killed.

They have said that whoever die will be leaving the show for good and the actor won't return. So no FAKE!Jeremy or Alaric death. Not Katherine cause Elena isn't leaving anytime soon. It won't be anyone turning into a vampire. It is supposed to be a MAJOR character.


It isn't the main trio or Katherine. Bonnie is supposed to be involved in a love triangle with possibly Jeremy, who also has some major stories coming up. Jenna's and Alaric's realtionship is supposed to get very serious now. Tyler is about to transition and become involved with Caroline. Also they said that something HUGE was going to happen regarding Matt, and that Katherine would be involved (we now know that it was her compelling him to attack Tyler). Tyler WILL kill someone in the next episode.

All the other characters has also been mentioned in upcoming episode sypnosis whereas Matt hasn't. While I love Matt he is definitely the only one of the main cast who could die at this point. Also, NO Tyler WILL NOT be able to control his anger, it's not called a curse for no reason, he could have even possibly killed his own mother if Mason hadn't stopped him...

If Matt is relentless in going after him, Tyler isn't going to be able to hold his temper for more than a few minutes.

















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