Thursdays 8:00 PM on CW

the CW is there channel right? anyway i love this show but i could never catch up so i didn't know if they are playing reruns this summer.

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I know you buy season 1 on DVD and you can reserve season 2 on amazon right now!
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^ thanks!

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also last summer, on every thursday during TVD's timeslot, they played reruns..i think it started mid/early junes so you might want to not sure if they got the whole season in..i think they did like 1-7 then skipped to like 14-22 because of the limited number of weeks

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The reruns start next week, May 26th. They are going to show the Smallville Finale rerun this Thrusday, May 19th. The reruns are going to start with the first episode of Season 2, The Return.

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