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Well finally. A new, VIABLE and actually realistic way to start levelling the playing field in this BS of a show. I've always complained that since the introduction of the originals the show, while getting more interesting, has developed a seriously boringly LARGE power gap between the brothers and the "untouchables". It had gotten very old very fast. How are you supposed to keep your audience interested if our heroes CAN'T WIN? Not only could they not win, but at every turn where some "genius" new plan came along to kill an original, it turned out to be total bullocks, which we knew from day 1 would not work. Everyone knew that Michael wasn't going to kill Klaus, just as we knew that something would go wrong with Ester's plan. Niether was a very good option for killing the originals, why?.....Because it involves family killing family, there was bound to be some screw up (Oh i have no doubt that Michael would have killed Klaus given the chance, but that was the problem, he wasn't given the chance, there where too many other players in the game and each had their own comflicting plan. Same Effing thing with Ester's plan. If Elena had stayed in her effing house, or the brothers would have been more careful.....or i don't know actually stayed out of Ester's way and tied Elena to the freaking chair then this would all have been over. They should have known that staking Kol would have little or no effect on Klaus...I KNEW THAT FOR GOD'S SAKE. But i'm actually liking the idea of another tree (HOW FUCKING LAME IS IT that Rebecca took 1 photo of the wall and caught that,  while Rick has been over every square inch of it and missed it....How convenient). This will definitely make things alot more believable and i really feel (how stupid am i to keep feeling optimistic about this show) that with most of the originals gone, Klaus can actually be killed. As much as Rebecca was a BAMF in the last epi for almost BBQing Elena, she's getting old fast (pun intended). Hopefully Plec won't screw this up bacause, seriously, these originals need to GO. Time to make room for new and more interesting villans. Elijah was the most interesting cause as soon as i found out that Klaus was only making hybrids because of his lonely daddy's whipping boy issues, i was just like "wait, hold the fuck up. When did he turn from BADD ASS to KISS MY SOBBING ASS.

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I don't care about the white oak tree. It is been there and done that kind of scenario. If none of the originals knew about the other tree then how was that drawn there.
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prediction: within next two episodes the new white oak tree gets burned to the ground. Back to square one.

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^They all knew about the first tree. They were standing infront of it the morning they all burned it to the ground. Rebecca just found out that there's another that supposedly sprang up from an seedling or sprout or something. Point is, new tree to search the woods for and burn and out of all the other ways we've come up with so far to kill them, this way is the most straight forward with no reliance on someone not so trustworthy from the original family for help. 

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@ Kitty. I actually think that they will be dead by the end of the season. I think the writers have realized that they've taken this Original storyline to as far as it can go, and even way behond its limits really. The show is oscillating between the same old storyline and villians and its time for a change.

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. I actually think that they will be dead by the end of the season.

i know some of them will be. I just doubt it will be oak tree. most likely some contrived plot twist, like :

Sage appears in mystic falls and somehow ends them! Elena has been possessed this whole season since her death by Tatja and somehow ends them! Something else bad appears and ends them. Esther thinks up a new lame plan!



Just outright ending them with white oak(as stupid as it is) tree stuff  is way too good writing for tv dto use.


I think the writers have realized that they've taken this Original storyline to as far as it can go, 

Clealry not if they are thinkiing about the possibility of TVD:Originals spin off...

 The show is oscillating between the same old storyline and villians and its time for a change.

It has been like that since masquerade. And I doubt writers realize that.

From the interviews,  it seems they don't and are actually PROUD of this season... 

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i seriously dont care about the storyline anymore which is sad. all i care about are pretty boys in the screen and plec made me mad by sending tyler away and now even elijah and kol. .. forwood, elijah and kol are reasons i watch it. otherwise, screw this. :(

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Didn't you hear what Esther has said:  she wanted to kill her children by turning them into humans first (superbly cruel if you ask me), but point being: I bet some of them will get turned into human and escape the fate of death by tree.  No one ever dies on this show for realz.   

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Elena has been possessed this whole season since her death by Tatja and somehow ends them! ^lol- im also expecting something like this.......

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what's even worse and sad is that as much as we wanted the writers to read the fans' comments on twitter, forum, tumblr, etc. now it turns out they should never have done it in the first place. because clearly Plec has run out of ideas and digs up ours making a silly patchwork of ships and shirtless boys screentime.

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