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In the last episode we saw a tomb. Stefan and Bonnie couldn't get it open. Who do you think is in there ??? Perhaps Mama Original ?

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Mama Original was buried by Elijah,Klaus and Rebekah after Mikael no :)

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nina dobrev. so elena can butt in into everything even more.

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hahaah ^ this

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Lol it would be nice to get a suprise other than the original petrova.....

Original Witch??.... that would make for good tv


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nao no


I am hoping Klaus has another hot blonde naked brother, since this is the only thing good about this show. lul 

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I guess it's the other Original brother that was cast. The hot guy, remember?

If it's him, I won't be dissapointed.

 I am hoping Klaus has another hot blonde naked brother, since this is the only thing good about this show. lul 


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ok more HOT Brothers then<3

i remembered Becca saying her mother had 7 or 8 Children

one died, klaus, becca and elijah.3/4 TO MEET:)

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lol duh,

they should cast Drew Van Acker, he can be shirtless all the time lul

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1.Original witch! We saw Klaus barry somethinhg? And Klaus is a pretty big Liar as we know, so it would be okay to say it's her! And The necklase is justa reason as well! 2.Original DG! It's time we finish with this story cause we all wanna know why the course was tied to her 3. WolfDad! That would be a nice intro intro into new storylines, relkated to the wolfes! 4. Klaus DG or his werewolf brother!? Something Klaus is affraid of!
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