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Hi, Which original is the strongest and deadliest to you guys. Besides Klaus I know he suppose to be the most powerful, But  who do you think could put a up a good fight against him?  I think Elijah and Kol could give him some problems. What do you guys think?

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Team Elijah!

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i dont think that we've seen enough of the other originals

i use to think Elijah was really badass when he first appeared... even though throwing coins at a window sounds lame... it was awesome and he was trying to prove a point... (bonus points for wanting Elena dead then)

Kol seems scary purely because the character seems impulsive... (Yes please snap Elena's neck)

Rebekah is great, not strong though. we havent seen her throw a car at any of the Salvatores. although when she stab stefan that was great.

Finn- personally i expected so much more from this character.

anyway so to conclude prob ELIJAH... he stomped a hole in the ground(pretty strong) and although i would have preferred he pushed Elena in not so gently. he also got to Klaus and Kol when Alaric stabbed Kol, Wheras Finn, Kol and Beks couldnt move yet he went to Klaus in superspeed.. and basically im Bias and love Elijah...



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Elijah and then Kol.
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Elijah and then me...Im strong 2 lul.kidding Elijah of course.

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Elijah all the way.To me he seems to be the strongest,the only reason why i consider klaus to be the strongest vampire is coz he's a hybrid.
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Frankly I would no tbe able to powerscale them correclty. Show said they are 'Omg strongest", yet it gives no evidence. It showed with Elijah and we saw some of cool stuff, but hten the show just stopped and originals became as strong as the writers want them to be, jumping up and down from downright godly and unkillable to weaker than Damon and Stefan.

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^^ bitch is biased

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Elijah, then Kol because he is impulsive .. then probably Finn and Rebekah is the weakest one .. me think so

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