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Klaus is described as the oldest and most feared of all originals (and vampires), but is he the oldest???

Elena in 2x09 says referring to Klaus: "The oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me?", yet Damon in 2x21 says: "How does one go about killing an all powerful wolf-vamp and his two-faced OLDER brother?"

So, in 2x09 Klaus is the oldest....but in 2x21 Elijah is the oldest...

Someone asked Julie on twitter who was the youngest out of Elijah and Klaus and Julie said that she believes that Klaus is the youngest...

Klaus looks younger then I think Elijah is older....but if Elijah's older then why is Klaus described as "The oldest vampire in the history of time."???

Does anyone get who's older or have they made a mistake???

I've always said that even though Elijah is described as the easter bunny compared to Klaus it has nothing to do with who's more powerful and who's older...but I'm confused now to who is older....

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I thought Klaus was the youngest..Also I think that Elijah kind of sees Damon with Elena as a version of him with Katerina. look what it says here..that Elijah is older than Klaus.

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Oldest vampire does not have to mean oldest brother. Oldest vampire could mean first vampire, but we will not really know that until we know how they became vampires. In 2x09 the line probably should have been "one of the oldest vampires in the history of time," if the entire family turned together. We do now know that Elijah was humanly born before Klaus.

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Elijah's the oldest obviously

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"i was born to hustle roses down the avenue of the dead" this is what Joseph Morgan tweeted.Its a sad but lovely part of a poem written by Charles Bukowki.I've posted the author's name maybe u guys are interested and wana read it or so. :)

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Lol the wiki contradict itself. But it is an article so i suppose it is an honest mistake:)

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Wikipedia can't be trusted....we shouldn't trust what it also had a page about Charlotte Petrova...that proves it can't be trusted...haha

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hahaha i should have known nothing is reliable

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Since very little was known about the originals, it was probably thought that Klaus was considered the oldest and most powerful of the vampires. Oldest i highly doubt but powerful I can believe that, I believe he can be considered the most powerful of the originals due to his hybrid (having the strength of both vampire and werewolf abilities). Elijah probably wanted all the vampires and everyone else to think that Klaus was older for personal reasons and that rumor was probably spread around the vampire community over the years and passed down throughout the centuries.

I believe that Klaus is the youngest of all the originals. Their mother probably didn't love their father as much as she used to and fell in love with someone else who was more than likely a werewolf himself and hence, she gave birth to Klaus, who is a hybrid (mother's vampire and father's werewolf gene). Now I cannot speculate whether Elijah is the oldest of the siblings, we have not seen any of the others yet, but we will eventually see some of them (hopefully) in season 3 because that season is considered the season of the originals.

So now only a small handful of non-originals know the truth about Klaus not being the oldest of the originals after learning about Elijah and Klaus' relationship. That's just my personal theory.

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I always assumed it was Klaus that was the older one

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