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Firstly Damon showering......Speaks for itself.

Entire bath scene was hot and I loved how sociopathic he was by casually admitting he killed people. Her face was classic.... I am worried how sexy I found him biting on her neck and smearing the blood all over her body. I have issues......

The humour throughout was pretty great. Especially the hero hair! haha

DELENA!!!!!!!!!! It was like the old days, she seems so comfortable around him and she definitely looked pleased when he blew off Andie.

I loved all the twists, Luka's dad saving our favourite trio, John helping Katherine. So confused now!

Bonnie and jeremy! That was a pleasant surprise, I didn't know Bonnie was aware of Luka's betrayal yet. Jeremy deserves some happiness, and though I miss Anna maybe bonnie will lighten up a bit once she gets laid........

Caroline! The torture scene was awful. I want Brady's heart on a platter! The betrayal she felt at tyler was heartbreaking but she should cut him some slack. The kid must be confused!

The entire fight scene was just awesome. When damon just reached out and tore out his heart. I love the heart ripping!

I'm sure there is so much more but all though it wasn't the most exciting or as emotionally gut wrenching as last week, it seemed to have a bit of everything. I can't wait for next week, even if I have to stomach some Stelena it's gonna be awesome! x




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i totally agree! this weeks episode was on of the best yet i reckon. i was completely tuned in for every second of it and every seen was so interesting! poor caroline, poor damon, stefans so sweet what he did for caroline! and what the hell uncle john? hehe so amped for next week's!!!!!!!!

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every *scene sorry :P

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good god i love this show im so obsessed its sad lol

firstly that torture scene was amazing poor carr(her and damon = favorite characters ever)

oh tyler i love you your so confused and from the looks of your gonna go down the wrong path :( but it will be fun to watch lol i rlly rlly want forwood i hope we will still get them

delena hahah i love elena lookin kinda jealous made my day i just love them

stefan your the sweetest guy i swear you were so sweet to car i loved it and great slumber party idea that was well needed

bonnie and jer are just adorable :)

damon could i love you anymore your halarious oh and shower scene good god i wish i was there

john john john what are you up to???? kat and isobell hmmm i wonder

information: we learned how to kill an original(or so we think)

we learned that werewolfs can tell if your lying  


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Forwood were amazing.

The fight scene was the most epic thing I have seen on my television for a long time. I love it when Damon and Stefan team up and be all badass and whatnot.

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 I must say…That was one Helluva heated episode! I ditto all previous comments…

*Still clearing my throat*

Quite the paralyzing start with Damon taking a shower and walking around his room in a towel… … …If I had a “replay button”; I would’ve raped it for that brief, but outstanding scene!  I physically reached-out towards the screen, as if I could have brought it back!

Reduced to my highlights, shortening post, and yes getting down to my flavor of nitty-gritty ;p:  

Intro New Were-Hotness!  Brady…Hedonistic/Caroline, Mason, location of Moonstone

Caroline shocker getting shot in the forehead, caged-up, enduring Brady’s torturous, repeated shots to her chest, shoulder, arms, leg etc… {Tyler ultimately released her}

Damon at bar {standard} bourbon in hand, brooding {rarely, but with just cause}

…walks up to him to Intro woman she was with…

Damon interrupted, saying “I know you…“news lady” right?”

“Can I buy you a drink Damon?” she asked sweetly

“My glass is full…” {rudely blew off a girl? Would’ve lost big on that bet.}


Stefan wants to trade Tyler for Caroline from Jules…Damon beside him minutes later

Damon to Jules: “Give us Caroline…It’s not a full moon, we will take you”

Jules whistled for the whole pack to come out and be seen

Gang-fight ensues, awesome to watch! Teamed-up, Stefan & Damon conquer together at go-time!  Again, everything passed too quickly to absorb to my satisfaction…

*Applauding great action scene!* Excellent choreography carried-out to perfection!

Both down: Stef stabbed & Damon shot…about to get staked, until all the aneurisms on the weres began…not showing where or why; but obviously witch-work!  There stands Daddy Warlock, telling Stef, Damon & Caroline{all now standing} they need to leave; also stating he’s “upholding promise between Elijah and Elena”…to Tyler…”when your friends awaken; give them a msg that they gotta get outta this town”

[Brief sporadic notes at Damon’s with John…I REALLY want to see Isobel again!]

John reveals method he got from Isobel on how to truly kill a werewolf. [?a knife dipped in blood?...missed details] John to Damon: “If Isobel accomplishes what she’s attempting, Klause will never set foot in Mystic Falls”

On Stefan’s second visit checking on how Caroline was doing; he brought Elena and Bonnie with him to Caroline’s for support via a slumber party! *Props to Candice!!!* ...Typical sweet S/E moment mouthing “I love you” before parting ways.

John and Katherine conspiring on anything…Should be interesting...And I miss Kat.

{Halt All-Brain Zapped} BUBBLE-BATH!!!??? Ooohhh… … …Weeeeeeeee… … …Yay Me! Wait! Dammit, no pause button!  Two hot wet bathroom scenes in one episode?  Really?  Trying to promote high-blood pressure, strokes, and random heart-failure of today’s youth?  LOVIN IT BTW VD HIT-SQUAD!  But what’s with the assassin-sniper-attacks; as Damon simply appears {from our dreams’ like idyllic magic} on-screen in his tub, sexy and exposed without any warning?  For shock value –yeah?  Achieved and exceeded…with enthusiastic appreciation I bow! 

*”Oh, the bar chick” wasted two seconds of my attention* Focusing on the evolving “Mr. Damon Salvatore” expectantly; because whether pilot 1.00 or tonight’s 2.13, his ever-classic, raw, style is at hand.  {Which hand?...Has us crawling the walls!} 

Knowing his pillow-talk must be quite the beguiling prelude to his biting...and whatever else I wouldn’t need compulsion to indulge him… Umm, from some of the morsels I heard or managed to capture:

D: I like a woman who knows what she wants.

A: So what do you want Mr. tall, dark, and handsome?

… … …

D: I need a distraction…Miss sexy reporter girl…I’ve got a problem.  I’m in love with a woman I can’t have… …What’s driving me crazy is I’m not in control… …I’m bad Andie. I do bad things.  I kill people.  [His compulsion prefaced his gentle reassurance, “Don’t worry.  You’re safe.”]

A: Why do you kill people?

D: Because I like it. {My 2nd favorite quote of this Epi}  …It’s in my nature…  …But because of her… … …So then I can’t be who I am.

Then…My skin burned from the branding quote of his last three words…In a silent free-fall into him; feeling my soul screaming his name shamelessly OMFG! HMFY I’ll Be! Whenever, wherever, forever! 

His sultry signature ways instructed… “Just stop talking. Kiss me. Be my distraction.”

Taking a deep kiss, finds the curvature of her neck, fangs erected, drinks of her…

Ummm…Did anyone happen to experience a twitch or a brain switch; that may have triggered any actions that by some may be considered borderline banana-sandwich-coo-coo-bird?  …Just curious… 

Again…I’m just sayin’…That was one GDMF-Helluva heated episode!!!

*Standing Ovation…to the Collaborative Brilliance of the Entire VD Hit-Squad on Another Top-List Episode!!!*





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How did everybody knew about the betrayal of Luca? I missed that part..

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BTW, loved this episode! I loved how sweet Stefan was to Caroline, but hope they don't get involved romantically. Well I just loved everything :)

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I TOTALLY love the episode.. One of the best! Action,Drama,Comedy, + glorious body of Damon all in one episode..

Damon's funny quotes + interaction with elena (Step by step Delena, we will go there soon), Stefan's sweet side (though i'm used to that!), Jonas' right time to help D,S, and C. But i hope they should have asked Tyler to come along with them when they leave the forest. (They dont wish to have Tyler be on the wolf side right? My gosh, he's just confused anyway.) It would have been cooler if Elijah was there too. :)

Jeremy and Bonnie, when did they actually get together? (The last time i know is that they were just some kind of friends and not in a relationship.From what i saw last night, they seems like more than friends.) Don't know what's John's real motif for helping Katherine though.

All in all, the episode was really great!!!!!What could i asked more? So excited for next episode..

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im not on the same page with you guys. im not sure if i just woke up bad today but i did not like the episode. First because WTF!! they got their asses saved again. i mean where the hell is the challenge in this show? everytime they face a problem poof it gets solved just like that its annoying how they get away that easy. the only thing i loved is Caroline's torture, i love Caroline to be honest but i don't know i loved the torture scene. i like her so helpless and tortured like that then i was screaming like get yourself out of that place don't wait for anyone to save you suck it up and get out and rip that guys heart out, but then again i was dreaming. second WTF!! bring Rose back i hate this new reporter girl she's more annoying than Rose. or better yet make Jessica turn out to be alive. third when did Bonnie knew about Luka and his dad? did i miss anything because as far as i know there was no scene about that. the only thing that made me happy is Katherine is so back and im so excited about it!!

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