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I'm sick of this shit,why must everything be connected to Elena? I was hoping that we will get a Steroline friendship in S4 coz i miss it in s3 but just knowing that its connected to Elena and its going to happen only coz of her makes me sad.The writers completely forget about there friendship in s3 when Stefan went through hell but now all of a sudden they are back to being friends again just coz Elena has turned into a vampire?Why,this is too much.
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I have the feeling that S4 will be worse than S3... and I just hate how Julie Plec always talks about her "brilliant" ideas and what great things are going to happen on the show and in the end it's just all crap!

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Its sad, it really is sad. Damon's supposed evolving will be a result of Elena's growing feelings for him...why can't anything on this show happen and NOT involve Elena. Who wants to bet that even Bonnie's dad will make be introduced because it has something to do with Elena...not Bonnie....ughhhh...why are they doing this!

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Oh someone understands me..elena elena elena...dudeee stop it,there are other characters too.

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I've been fed up with this elena bullshit since the start of season 3.

lul @ this tumblr blog:

one of the funniest tumblr blog ever rrof

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LOL!! that's a great blog!!!

I just hope that now with The Secret Cirlce cancelled, Kevin will step up and try to save what's left from Plec's idiocy, otherwise this show is doomed to die a painful death...

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LOL at the Red Forman poster, haha, yeah Dumbass is exactly the right word to describe everything that has been happening so far, bunch of dumbasses trying to outsmart a bunch of Original dumbasses all in the name of saving a dumbass.

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@TVDobsession:Yeah i have that feeling too,TVD is just getting worse each season.I know this may sounds ridiculous but i just wish JP and co will bring back the writers of S1,may be things will be better. @Liza:I like what you wrote in the comment section that the writers had made it so easy for the vampires when it comes to drinking blood,the Salvatores have more than enough blood bags and nobody ever notice that they were stolen and Caroline.....sometimes i almost forget she is a vampire,i hope now that the council members knew about them something will be done other wise i don't see how Elena will struggle being a vampire.
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@Amina, I honestly shrug every time any character just walks into a scene with a shit load of blood bags. As if its literaly water. Remember when Elena went to the tomb to talk to Katherine and she brought a little bottle with blood? Or whenCaroline was teaching Abby how to be a vampire, she brought a WHOLE freaking cool bag of different types of blood....I mean, really...also I find it funny how the council is supposed to keep this town safe yet no one, literally NO ONE, was even the slightest bit concerned as to why the hell Klaus was throwing things into the Gilbert house and basically crashing and smashing everything? Its ridiculous how JP manages to let so many vampire characters get away with so much....have we ever seen them actually discussing their epic fail plans and saying we have to make sure no one suspects anything....nope, its like everybody in Mystic Falls knows what's going...nobody questions anything... Which brings me to Elena...we saw her last scene in the morgue right? So tell me, how are they planning to do this, she will get out of there and nobody will suspect a thing? Lame!

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now first of alll let me say this: there's nothing wrong with protagonist being a center of attention.  Protagonists almost always, unless its by creative choice, get the main "meat" of the storyline.  Why? Because they are relatable. Protagonist purpose is to be relatable to audience. For audience to understand the protagonist. Cheer for him/her. 


The problem with TVD is that EVERY DAMN WRITER in the staff seems to be under illusion that ELena is this most developed most relatable most awesome protagonist. This kind of focus on protagonist only works when protagonist is developed, interesting, has a personality.  

If this was a coming-of-age story, focus on her, how she feels what she does would be a MUST. I'll deduce that itsn ot coming-of-age story because tehre's no such focus on her.  The show just bases everything about her, which in itself is not inherently BAD, if the protagonist is well-developed and interesting. RElabtale.

That is not the case with Elena.  Elena is opposite of relatable and interesting. 


Thus yet again. The way Elena and plot surrounding her is handled, tot eh point that interesting plotlines are sacrificed in favor of more elena triangle(bonnie's mother, tyler, for example, etc) is part of how inexperienced writers stumble into mary sue cliche mess.  NExt thing we know this huge new big bad(who i am kidding? TVD does nto have big bads) will be defeated offscreen so we can spend time with Elena pondering her feelings for brothers. 


This shit is exactly why I do not plan to even watch this show.  The Vampire Diaries is the antithesis of quality and as bad as Supernatural and Tim Kring's Heroes was. 

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