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Maybe that's why people are fascinated by them.

Well differences or opposites attract is always fascinating but when you think deeper they're sort of similar too. IT'S CALLED AN OPINION KITTY. DON'T SNAP OK. I’m about to launch into an essay about why people should ship Klaus and Caroline so be forewarned. Klaus and Caroline are very similar characters who can both be very vindictive and selfish, but also capable of being very vulnerable and caring in their own right. In regards to their background, they are both characters with some serious parental issues. I think that in itself will make them able to connect. They’ve both been in some way mistreated or neglected by their parents, particularly their fathers. Klaus, because his siblings’ father is not his real father and Caroline with her father’s abandonment. Caroline has suffered under the torture and abuse because of what she is (a vampire) by her father and Klaus due to his hybrid nature and illegitimacy, has earned the wrath of his own family. In terms of temperament, they’re also both rather immature and stubborn. They both want their way and can be difficult and petulant at times when it doesn’t happen.

At the core, they’re both lonely people whose actions are often the consequences of that loneliness and yearn for love. Best summed with Caroline’s line in 162 Candles (1x08), “Do you ever feel like there’s not a person in the world that loves you?” As implied in the latest TVD episode, Klaus’s whole obsession with the hybrids is because he doesn’t want to be alone. That to me becomes a foundation for building up an understanding between the two.

I think that should the writers explore some interaction between them, there is some real potential for romance. Or at least some good back-and-forth bantering. They’re both very opinionated individuals with their own sense of self righteousness that can turn into a very fun love/hate dynamic.

In addition, like Joseph Morgan has stated before in his interviews, he wants Klaus to have a love interest and interact more with the other characters on the show, but he’s not sure if any of them are capable of forgiving him for all he’s done. Caroline is, in my opinion, the biggest heart on the show. Despite all of her callousness and insensitivity, she is the most willing to forgive (even of the most unthinkable of things, just look at how she’s forgiven just about everyone who has treated her badly, i.e. Damon and her father) and the most capable I think to see a redeemable person in Klaus.

In turn, I think Klaus will appreciate Caroline’s ability to care, that a bit of that empathy of hers could rub off on him. Caroline is not a pushover, I think she very capable of fighting her own battles and calling people out on their bullshit and Klaus needs a girl who can keep him in check. I also find the idea of one of the oldest vampires in love with a baby vamp to be immensely entertaining. Because everything is new to her while it should be all routine to him. I think that seeing the world through her eyes would be like a breath of fresh air for him.

And finally I mean, LOOK AT THEM.

They’d be a suppppper hot and sexy couple. So if anything, ship them for the shallow reason.

That is why I ship Klaus and Caroline.

So go ahead, just succumb to the loveliness that is Klaroline. You won’t regret it.

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And yeah, S3 FW reminds me way too much of the rotten shit that is steffie/Elena. its depressing to see Plec destroy yet another great pairing and start to ruin Caroline's character with crackships.; 

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ewww, i need a brain bleach even more so now. the above fanfic post scarred me for life. 

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oh look....trolls. 

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Thanks a lot Flora, you brought the troll back.

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Did Klaus actually want to kiss Caroline in 3x20 toward the end of that dance or what? He kinda looked like he did lol.
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I did not even make this thread, how did I bring that dunce back. And @Veetayt they always sort of look like that in the dance scenes, especially when he saved her in 3x21 ha.

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by bringing up a crackship.

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now the troll will crack up into tirades on how much kc crackship reminds of spuffy and then will start to picspam nonsense. 

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