Talk Show Appearance
Watch Caprica Season 1 Episode 4
Original Air Date:

This week's episode is titled "Gravedancing." Ready for a rundown of events from it?

Pre-Nazi Bailey
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 15
"Time Warp"
Original Air Date:

A flashback episode sheds light on the affair between the Chief and Ellis in 1982. Separate 2004 sequences show Bailey in pre-"Nazi" days and Callie before she was introduced.

Father of the Bride
Watch Private Practice Season 3 Episode 15
"Til Death Do Us Part"
Original Air Date:

Violet helps Sam with Maya's wedding. Naomi refuses to take part. Addison and Pete try to save a premature baby. Cooper suspects Charlotte's new boyfriend of abusing pills.

We Spy Michael
Watch Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 14
"Partners in Crime"
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "Partners in Crime. Michael helps someone who says he's being framed during the hour.

Skytanic Picture
Watch Archer Season 1 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

Archer and the ISIS crew must protect the maiden voyage of the luxury airship, Excelsior, from a bomb threat.

Rob Goes Down
Watch Survivor Season 20 Episode 2
"Getting the Best of Me"
Original Air Date:

Rob collapses while walking around the campsite. We've got a detailed recap of events from this episode.

Taking a Chance
Watch Human Target Season 1 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

This episode of Human Target is title "Lockdown." A weapons engineer wants to leave his corrupt job, and needs Chance's help to get out of his employer's heavily guarded building.

Beach Scene
Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 3
"The Substitute"
Original Air Date:

Locke is on a mission this week. Or Fake Locke, we should say. Read on for a recap.

Lydia with Jaimeone
Watch One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 17
"At The Bottom Of Everything"
Original Air Date:

Haley and Jamie struggle to accept Lydia's seemingly hopeless situation this week. The episode is titled "At The Bottom Of Everything."

Casey Promo Pic
Watch Greek Season 3 Episode 14
"The Tortoise & The Hair"
Original Air Date:

Casey and Cappie attempt to to talk about the future this week. The episode is titled "The Tortoise & The Hair."

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