Bart and Jenny Pic
Watch The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 17
"The Good, the Sad and the Drugly"
Original Air Date:

Bart sets up Milhouse to take the fall for a prank the two of them pulled, and the duo's friendship becomes strained when Bart falls for a charitable girl named Jenny.

Family Guy 420
Watch Family Guy Season 7 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

After Brian is arrested for drug possession he launches a campaign to legalize marijuana. Mayor Adam West passes the law and the whole town goes to pot. Brian then protests to re-ban marijuana and Mayor Adam West passes the law.

Shannon and Mann
Watch In Plain Sight Season 2 Episode 1
"Gilted Lily"
Original Air Date:

"Gilted Lily" is the second season premiere of "In Plain Sight." Here's an overview of the episode.

Charles Minor
Watch The Office Season 5 Episode 24
"Heavy Competition"
Original Air Date:

Dwight's loyalty to Michael is tested by Charles. Is this friendship lost forever?!?

Brennan and Booth Pic
Watch Bones Season 4 Episode 21
"Mayem on a Cross"
Original Air Date:

Let's take a look at "Mayhem on a Cross." It's one of the final episodes on Bones' fourth season.

Classic Liz
Watch 30 Rock Season 3 Episode 18
"Jackie Jormp-Jomp"
Original Air Date:

Liz Lemon is feeling lost without TGS and the stress that comes with her job now that she's serving her two-week suspension.

Sam Photo
Watch Samantha Who? Season 2 Episode 13
"The Debt"
Original Air Date:

In "The Debt," Samantha runs into financial trouble. Here's an overview.

Ben Sherman Pic
Watch Southland Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

Here's a look at the second episode of Southland. It's titled "Mozambique."

Canvass Time
Watch Parks and Recreation Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

A gung-ho Leslie and the committee go door-to-door to build support for her new project... but not everything goes as expected.

Brennan and Bones Meeting
Watch Bones Season 4 Episode 20
"The Cinderella in the Cardboard"
Original Air Date:

This is the 20th episode of Bones' fourth season. Check out our brief recap of events.

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