Jake McDorman, Greek
Watch Greek Season 3 Episode 5
"Down on Your Luck"
Original Air Date:

Casey is determined to make ZBZ the best sorority around on this week's episode. It's titled "Down on Your Luck."

Downtrodden Dan
Watch One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 3
"Hold My Hand As I Am Lowered"
Original Air Date:

A funeral takes place this week on One Tree Hill. We're got a brief rundown of "Hold My Hand As I Am Lowered."

Baizen Pic
Watch Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 3
"The Lost Boy"
Original Air Date:

Chuck and Blair square off as an item comes up for bid at Sotheby's that they both covet. Serena and Vanessa suspect something is amiss with their respective love interests.

Capable Partners
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 2
"The Double Down"
Original Air Date:

The competition is on during this episode of Castle. Who can solve a murder first, Castle and Beckett or Ryan and Esposito?

Alan, Melissa, and Danny
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 2
"Whipped Unto the Third Generation"
Original Air Date:

Charlie's fiance, Chelsea, convinces him to let Alan's girlfriend, Melissa, to move in and the girls take over.

Peter to the Rescue
Watch Heroes Season 4 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

This is the second episode of Heroes' fourth season. Read on for a full, detailed recap.

The Boys Search for the Cricket
Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 2
"The Jiminy Conjecture"
Original Air Date:

Leonard and Penny try and make things not awkward after their hookup; Sheldon and Wolowitz bet their best comic books on a bet to determine the species of a cricket

Cuddy and House
Watch House Season 6 Episode 2
"Epic Fail"
Original Air Date:

House goes back to Princeton Plainsboro during this episode. How will his team react to their returning boss?

Marshall and Lily Horrified
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 2
"Double Date"
Original Air Date:

While on a date, Ted realizes he's already met his date, Jen, seven years ago on a blind date. Barney discovers a Lily look-a-like stripper.

Billie and the Girls Snoop
Watch Accidentally on Purpose Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

Billie finds an unfinished note to her in Zack's things and attempts to find what he's hiding from her.