Downton Abbey Servants
Watch Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 2
"Episode 2"
Original Air Date:

It's a whole new world for the folks that comprise Downton Abbey. The home is turned upside down this week.

Meeting with Samurai Apocalypse
Watch Californication Season 5 Episode 2
"The Way of the Fist"
Original Air Date:

Samurai Apocalypse won't take Hank's rejection as an answer this week, dragging him to a meeting with Peter Berg. Elsewhere, Stuart causes trouble at preschool.

Doug and Clyde
Watch House of Lies Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

The team takes on the case of a sports team this week, while Cat Deely guest stars as herself.

Frank and Carl
Watch Shameless Season 2 Episode 2
"Summer Loving"
Original Air Date:

Frank spots a potential sugar mama this week, setting his sights on a woman named Dottie. Elsewhere, Fiona deals with balancing everything in her life.

Dean in 1944
Watch Supernatural Season 7 Episode 12
"Time After Time After Time"
Original Air Date:

Jason Dohring guest stars this week as the God of Time. He sends Dean back to 1944.

Sean at Gunpoint
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Sean goes on the attack this week, but he has a good reason: he takes action to protect his mother.

Bo Derek Kisses Morgan
Watch Chuck Season 5 Episode 10
"Chuck Versus Bo"
Original Air Date:

Bo Derek stops by Chuck this week, portraying herself. Jeff and Lester, meanwhile, get deeper into their own spy operation.

Danny and Jackie on a Case
Watch Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 10
"The Uniform"
Original Air Date:

Did a police officer flee the scene of a murder? Danny and Jackie investigate on the latest Blue Bloods.

Clue Tracking
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 8
"Back To Where You've Never Been"
Original Air Date:

Peter confronts Walternate on the first Fringe episode of 2012. Olivia, meanwhile, learns of a dire premonition.

Game Ogre Photo
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 8
"Game Ogre"
Original Air Date:

A prison escapee is all about revenge on Grimm this week. Nick suspects the guy is a monster.