Echo Takes Aim
Watch Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 2
"The Target"
Original Air Date:

Here's a summary of the second Dollhouse episode ever. It's titled "The Target."

Addie and Naomi
Watch Private Practice Season 2 Episode 17
"Wait and See"
Original Air Date:

Archer and Naomi grow closer, while Addison suspects her brother is up to his old tricks . Dell, Addison and Naomi debate the pros and cons of gender reassignment surgery when their patients' newborn child is born with both male and female sex organs.

The Plight of Dr. Bailey
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 16
"An Honest Mistake"
Original Air Date:

Derek and Addison square off yet again - this time with a patient's life in the balance. Bailey, meanwhile, is stunned by Richard's recommendation letter.

Payton Perotta
Watch Bones Season 4 Episode 15
"The Princess and the Pear "
Original Air Date:

What could an episode titled "The Princess and the Pear" be about? Let's find out!

Fashion Week
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 15
"There's No Place Like Mode"
Original Air Date:

It's Fashion Week at Mode again and Betty tries to put on a fashion show for a new designer, Heinrich. Meanwhile, with Wilhelmina distracted by Conner, there's a new person working at Mode.

Gary and Taylor
Watch Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 15
"Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law"
Original Air Date:

Gary's ex brother-in-law (Matthew Lillard) comes to visit and just loves rubbing his well-to-do status in Gary's face. But when Gary uncovers a secret about him the tables may turn.

Hewes, Patty
Watch Damages Season 2 Episode 7
"New York Sucks"
Original Air Date:

This is the seventh episode of Damages' second season. Let's summarize the events that take place on "New York Sucks."

Katherine Austen
Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

The way back to the Island is finally revealed to the Ocean Six, but not all of them want to return.

Lie to Me Image
Watch Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 4
"Love Always"
Original Air Date:

This episode of Lie to Me is titled "Love Always." Here's a brief overview of what takes place during it.

Abby, NCIS
Watch NCIS Season 6 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

Let's take a quick look at "Bounce." It's the 16th episode of the sixth season of NCIS.