Speed Cooking
Watch Top Chef Season 8 Episode 14
"Island Fever"
Original Air Date:

The contestants are still in the Bahamas this week. They are asked to cater a yacht club's anniversary party.

Love Those Off the Map Cuties
Watch Off the Map Season 1 Episode 10
"I'm Home"
Original Air Date:

When a hepatitis outbreak spreads through the local prison, the team jumps into action, while Lily learns more about Mateo.

FX Promo Pic
Watch Justified Season 2 Episode 6
"Blaze of Glory"
Original Air Date:

Winona is the victim of a bank robbery this week, while Raylan is in pursuit of a veteran criminal. Read on for a full recap.

Angry Stephanie
Watch Survivor Season 22 Episode 5
"We Hate Our Tribe"
Original Air Date:

Rob makes his case regarding Phillip on this episode. Read on for a recap of the latest Survivor episode.

We Just Wanna Talk
Watch Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 5
"Here Is the Fire"
Original Air Date:

After an explosion rips through a small town school, the team must track down the bomber before another attack occurs.

Cycle 16 Shot
Watch America's Next Top Model Season 16 Episode 4
"Season 16 Francesco Carrozzini"
Original Air Date:

The girls must literally walk through fire during their challenge and embody 1950s Mad Men secretaries for their commercial.

Regionals Performance
Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 16
"Original Song"
Original Air Date:

It's time for Regionals. New Directions do battle with their competitors on this intense episode of Glee.

Erica v. Anna
Watch V Season 2 Episode 10
"Mother's Day"
Original Air Date:

It's the second season finale of V. We meet Lars Tremont on the installment, a member of a secret organization.

Hitting the Bag
Watch Lights Out Season 1 Episode 10
"Cut Men"
Original Air Date:

Theresa makes a decision about her future this week. Elsewhere, neither Death Row nor Barry feel much sympathy for Lights.

At a Carnival
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 21
"Monsters in the End"
Original Air Date:

The girls deal with relationships and feelings this week. But will the exposure of secrets come back to haunt them?