Watch Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 3
"Let it Be"
Original Air Date:

"Let it Be" opened with Rodrigo and Victory on a date on a ferry.   Despite how touristy the date was, Victory was loving it until s...

Watch Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 3
"Gary Marries Off His Ex"
Original Air Date:

Gary wants to stop paying spousal support, so he tries to convince Dr. Krandall to marry Allison by pushing him to set a date.

Equal and Opposite
Watch Private Practice Season 2 Episode 2
"Equal and Opposite"
Original Air Date:

The Wellness Center is on the brink of collapse. How will the doctors respond? Also, how will Violet's friendship with Cooper stand up to recent stress?

Lyla and Tim Photo
Watch Friday Night Lights Season 3 Episode 2
"Tami Knows Best"
Original Air Date:

Smash yearns for a college tryout, while Tami tries to steer Tyra down the right path and Matt reunites with his estranged mother.

Circus Circus Pic
Watch Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 2
"Circus Circus"
Original Air Date:

The second episode of the second season of Pushing Daisies is called "Circus Cirucs." Here's a recap of the events that take place on it.

Naomi, Busted!
Watch 90210 Season 1 Episode 6
"Hollywood Forever"
Original Air Date:

The October 7, 2008 episode of 90210 is called Hollywood Forever. Here's a detailed look at the hour of fun.

Very Mean Claire
Watch Heroes Season 3 Episode 4
"I am Become Death"
Original Air Date:

The October 6, 2008 episode of Heroes is titled "I am Become Death." Here's our detailed recap of events from the hour.

Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episode 3
"The Barbarian Sublimation"
Original Air Date:

When Penny locks herself out of the apartment, she comes to hang out with Sheldon in his as he plays Age of Conan. Penny, frustrated by her recent failures in life soon plays and becomes addicted to Conan.

Charlie Cooks
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 3
"Damn You, Eggs Benedict"
Original Air Date:

Charlie tries to expand his interested and improve his sex life by picking up cooking. Alan tries to emulate Charlie by dating two women and once, and Jake does the same by drinking.

Give Barney His Daps
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 3
"I Heart NJ"
Original Air Date:

When Stella expects Ted to move into her house, Ted tries to sell the gang on how great New Jersey is.