A Big Callie Smile
Callie Torres smiles ear-to-ear in "Stairway to Heaven," from Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy.

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She and her smile are gorgeous!


What a beauty. I don't care who she ends up with as long as she can find love. She has had a rough time. She deserves a person that can be just what she needs in her life. I've been reading and watching everything I can find on Sada Ramirez. From what I have seen over the internet. This woman is the most fantastic person ever. She is loving warm and funny. I wish her all the luck in her private life, and her life on grey's. You Go Girl!!!! We love you!!!!


Awww, I love Callie's smile, she has a great smile! I really want to see Callie and Mark together. THey are so good together!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Derek: She's in the car, she's in the car and she won't stop crying.
Cristina: Did you propose?
Derek: No. She went to William's execution.

Meredith: I know you don't understand me. I don't understand me. I wanted to show him compassion. That's why I went. That's the reason. And it was horrible... it was horrible.
Derek: It's okay.