A Dance with Lucas
Lucas' dream is coming true in this photo. We're big fans of that poor guy.

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Adorable. My favorite couple on PLL!


Oh, God.
That expression is adorable.
How is that kid so cute?
I really hope this lasts for the better.


This show really knows how to screw with your head first you think its this person then another usually its a surprise now call me crazy but something tells me that melissa may have had something to do with alisons death like she found out about the two and followed them and maybe hit her with something or alison was blackmailing ian and he did and melissa was there to witness it it will drive me crazy until i figure it out i'm usually good at this now as far as the girls go i liked emily with toby i would like to see hanna with lucas spencer with the guy she was dating can't think of name now aria i'm not sure about her and the teacher she should find someone a little younger i have a 12 year old daughter i just think it sends the wrong message those who watch life unexpected lux is dating a teacher as well granted to me he's better looking it still doesn't make it right

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