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A Handsome Back
Damon engages in a chat here with Elena. Sorry, TVD fans, but he isn't turning around any time soon.

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They did it again...the picture where Elena and Damon are talking is from 4x09 when he was setting her free at the lake house...go and check it out...I hate when they do that!


Why is Elena a bitch? Because she fell out of love with Stefan? Puhhleazze...people fall in and out of love everyday and that doesn't make them bitches...shit happen and although things could've been done differently, she did what she needed to do. She can't be with Stefan if she is not in love with him anymore and if she thinks she makes him sad, which by all means she does. He is bent on having her fixed because his denial is very deep. He can't accept reality and that is the sad part. He is setting himself up for more heartbreak. At this point she shouldn't stay in a relationship with Stefan. Why would she? Out of gratitude? That would be a disservice to Stefan, and I think that if you are a true fan of his, you would not want that for him. I will hate it if Stefan takes Elena back (if that's to happen) in the future. That would be unrealistic and a slap in his face. That would make HIM a bitch.


It's so sad that Stefan and Elena r no longer with each other anymore. It even hurts to see Dameon with her. Stefan's love is always pure and unconditional and it should remain so.


Elena is a bitch... I'm just too disappointed about what I saw tonight... Love isn't supposed to be like that. You just don't stop loving someone to be in love with his brother... Those kind of things shouldn't be done to anybody. It hurts... Elena's a real bitch... It was supposed to be Stefan and Elena... They can't change the real story just like that


Aw. I cant see his face and I dont know from Elena's face..what they are talking about. But after watching 410 I am just so freaking happy...:) Delena, All the way!


It will mean that sadly all you can see is his back...and not his gorgeous face :P


i wondered about the line he isnt turning around anytime soon to what does that mean .


What do you mean by "he isn't turning around any time soon"??

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