A New Team Member?
Rachel Nichols joins the cast of Criminal Minds December 8. Are you interested to see where this character leads the show?

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I watch this show every week, I never miss a episode. But what worries me is this stuff really happens in our world and some of these frecks watch this too. I know the mountains of kentucky and alot of the appclachian trails that run from kentucky to tenn,to vergina. The show last night made me think and it scared me too. If we had the BAU that is on this show God help the stupid sick people out there. I am a fan big time. My Daughter is an Officer of the Law in Dayton, Ohio and I worry every day when she goes on duty that she will come across some insane person like I see on Criminal Minds.. In all keep up the good work and I will be seeing you on the next Episode.
Thank you

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