A Rekindled Romance?
Will Nate and Blair stay together long, or is it just a fling? We will find out soon enough on Gossip Girl.

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Nate and Blair are good for each other in terms of their priorities and backgrounds. And they know each other really well. And Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester look amazing together. What's not to love? Doubt they're gna last though...Chair's wayyy to epic at this point to just disappear. But I DON'T want Nate and Vanessa together again! They're both such idiots when they're together! And then he has this identity issue going on! UGGH.


b's shoes are cute


they are so perfect...i hope they stay together for at least a few episodes...


Exactly my point, Alexa & Lui!


I second that :p ur pathethic. some chair fans are honestly so obnoxious


To :P Don't be an asshole. We never said we thought they were going to last the whole series. God, can we not enjoy it while it does last without the Chair Fan Club attacking us.


Psh whatev this is fake bull crap. I bet this Nate and Blair thing won't last for two episodes... Some of you need a reality check. Honestly tell me who do think will end up together in the long run??? Yeah, I thought so.


nate and blair is definately a big no no chair is forever, she lovs him and really always has. chuck loves her too but i think he is just scared to admit it and scared to commit. i really want chair to be together until the very last episode of the series which i hope is like 10 years from now.


Quick question? If blair and nate were dating- why are nate and chuck still friends!! or have they not decided to tell chuck which is really low on nate's part. personally i think that nate and blare are new best friends


i love blair's shoes. :) oh, and this photo with her and nate is cute. i think this happened after chuck & nate played basketball.

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