A Sparks Sighting
Georgina Sparks in the Season 3 finale of Gossip Girl. She is back, baby, and the b!tch has an agenda. What agenda that is remains to be seen.

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WHOREGINA ! wow fake hair and she wears wig.


yikes! if nothing else, that wig is frightening enough to make the hairs on your back stand up!


i hope it's a wig! she has to help s take down jenny!!


goergie is crazy! sainten only knows wont shes up to now!
but i still love the effect she ha over serena! it's like a spell over serena that serena can't over come! eventhough everyone knows about pete freeman! lv.4.serena vdw. all.ways. xoxo

Uche bass

whoregina! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where are yall seeing Chuck at?


@Tess: that defenitely looks like him! I find it a dramatic move, Rufus, Georgina and possibly Chuck in the same place. We all remember Grand Central Station ,don't we?


Is that Chuck waiting for her?


Maybe she sees Chuck or the Humphreys?


i prefer her hair brown!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you.


Blair loves the Empire State Building. Even though she doesn't want to, and she should just admit it and make all our lives easier.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Music

  Song Artist
Youve really got a hold on me You've Really Got a Hold on Me Thao iTunes
Song Dead Man's Party Lights On
Song Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Eastern Conference Champions