Alone on the Steps
What is Blair Waldorf sad about? Who will come to her rescue?

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^ the comment above is made by a different person then the first commenter----didn't realize someone else commented with the name "chair" woopsies XD


We heard that things aren't going so well with the Prom Queen & King. But then again, this is the UES. Better hurry Bass, looks like the Prom Queen's having second thoughts.
- gossip girl wouldn't it be great if she actually said that & chuck just shows up & says ily to her? -sigh- a chair fan can dream....


Poor B, But she looks pretty


Even when she's sad, she's still Stunningly Beautiful!!!


Something might've happen with Nate...or with Chuck.
Either way, B looks so sad.


thinking 'bout chuck perhaps????


I think that the scenario is..
B was all hapy about being prom queen and that she was with N blabla.
And than C came to tell B that he loves her
Now B is confused and alone on the steps..


i hope chuck will come in to the rescue! :P

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Ahh ... who knew the MotherChucker could also play fairy godmother. But if C just made B's dreams come true, why does it feel like our queen is standing with the wrong king?

Gossip Girl

[to Lily] When I'm a mother I will be nothing like you. I would rather give my kids up for adoption than be like you. Oh wait, you did that.