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Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl looks positively stunning in a photo from the new issue of InStyle.

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she is so beautiful, i dont think she is as photogenic as blake lively but still very beautiful :) Leighton if you somehow read these comments, you should be so proud of your looks:)


Yes, fuck whoever said it was airbrushed. She is just beautiful!


She is so naturally beautiful. I'm glad she's the new ideal


I'd die for that dress. Leighton is a stunner, she doesn't know how lucky she is! You couldn't airbrush this picture if you tried because she has it all.


arm airbrush?? stop hating...anywaaayyyyyyyy Leighton LOVELY as alwayssss!!! she's the best gossip girl star everrrrrr!!!!


Dia sangat cantik bagai lukisan alam,sungguh ini adalah rahmat Tuhan


Wow. Mesmerised. Angelic. WANT THAT DRESS!

Blair cornelia archibald

Arm airbrush much? But beautiful anyway. xxx


She looks like a Beautiful Angel in this picture...Just stunning!!!!


she's queen B

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Blair: I'm Audrey. I'm Audrey!

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