Amelia Heinle, Thad Luckinbill
Amelia Heinle and husband/co-star Thad Luckinbill wed in March 2007; their characters hooked up soon after.

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the young & the restless is the only soap I have ever watched It caught my attention the first time I tuned in & continues to do so
It is a hour of fine acting from the great cast of actors love it


I watch the young & the restless everyday it is the only soap I've ever watched It has best story lines in daytime tv

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The Young and the Restless Quotes

Amber Moore: Mm, black with sugar, just the way you like it.
Daniel Romalotti: Thanks... What?
Amber Moore: Nothing.
Daniel Romalotti: I mean, why are you looking at me?
Amber Moore: Oh, sorry. I'm just really happy to have you back.

How'd you ever turn out to be so cold with your father?