American Idol Top 3
Is your favorite remaining? This is a photo of the three finalists on American Idol season 11.

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i am sorry to disappoint all of you but i was hoping it ended up this way. i'm sorry to say that i didn't feel Joshua they way most of you - and even the way the judges did. oh he can cream. there is no doubt that he has a voice. but i didn't believe him. there was not enough behind those eyes for me. let me give you and example. look at how it went last year. Adam Lambert was an amazing singer without a doubt. but he was more of a performer and so i heard him with my ears. but with my heart? i heard Chris with my heart. when he sang, i bought it because in general, i believe him over Adam. with Joshua, if i played his cd, i would get really tire early on because even though he has an amazing voice, i don't want to be creamed at all-the-time. now Philip... and Jessica... i can listen to them all night. for whatever mood i'm in, they had a song for it. and that, i think, is why the two of them are still here. that's just my opinion.

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