Anybody Got a Piano?
Look at how hot Chair is. Just get naked already.

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I love how you put quotes around dress :) .
I found that funny for some reason. I'm stupid ;)


OMG, Blair's boobs look HUGE in this "dress"


they both really look sad

Viviana b waldorf bass

@ol & samiha- i agree with both of you! her hair is flat and her dress looks like lingerie!! what happened to her beautiful curls? someone told me that perhaps they're making her hair a little more flat because they want to show her maturity and i guess flat hair symbolizes maturity! :(


is it just me or does one of Blairs eye-brows look weird? :|

Nina loving bc

this is not looking hot she looks like she is feeling sorry for a drunk across the room


Blairs hair is almnost depressingly flat this season as of late! Season 3 was the same!
Wheres all the volume disappeared to B?!?!! In Season 1 she had the best hair on TV by a long shot!


personally, i love the dress. its not perfect, but it shows that the costume designers of the show are rying to dress her in more age appropriate clothing, which brings me hope for better episodes in the future. as for hair and makeup, i really do not see why they never add volume or color. i really miss the big curls and the deep lipstick. it made her look younger and more.. hot? idk. the monotone makeup seems too dull for her. added to the general flatness of her hair, it just makes her look late 20s even though she just left her teens.


even when you dress Blair Waldorf down she IS still the life of the show! FACT


I just love the phrases you used...♥ lol

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey Serena, it's me. I saw your thing in The Post. Just wanted you to know that Brooklyn is a great place to avoid nasty looks. Unless you throw your recycling in the regular trash or try to open a chain store with questionable labor practices.


Serena: Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought we were going to Sarabeth's.
Eric: Ah, we decided we could spread out better here. There's more room to work.
Serena: On what, your calculus homework?
Eric: Your love life. It's a little something called "Dan vs. Nate". We're here to help.
Elliot: And we brought protractors.