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Arizona Picture
A nice picture of Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) in Season Six of Grey's Anatomy. We just love her, don't you?

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I looooove Arizona. She's amazing and beautiful. Jessica, YOU ROCK!!!


I totally agree!! Her eyes speak! I mean she really rocks every scene that she's in and brightens up everything. She's a great addition to the show! i never thought I would love Arizona's character when she started but now i cant get enough of her!!


Marie you are so right. I love her so much. If you watch some of her interviews AZ is Jessica. The way she talks and her facial expressions are all the same. After all the Brooke Smith crap I didn't wanna fall in love with another doc. But ya can't help but love her she is so sweet. I think it is so cool that I nicknamed Arizona AZ and now everyone calls her that. I called her that the first time I posted under the pic of her in the bar on this sight and now on alot of the sights and this one people are calling her that. I love it. And I love Grey's and can't wait till thursday. Just 5 more days to go. Got to get to the liquor store and get my vodka and I'm ready for the show. LOL!!!


She is such a great actress you can just see the emotion in her eyes and it makes you feel like she really cares about these people. Any actor or actress that can make you fall in love with the charator and fell for them and can make you fell the emotions they going thru is just awesome


shez cute.


I love the little monkey on her coat ^^


she is concerned, and worried, AND scared here


I for one do really love her. She is a ray of sunshine. But she looks a little sad here.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

This is not general surgery on a miniature scale. These are the tiny humans. These are children. They believe in magic. They play pretend. There is fairy dust in their IV bags. They hope, and they cross their fingers, and they make wishes, and that makes them more resilient than adults. They recover faster, survive worse. They believe.


Richard: Maybe I can help.
Arizona: No, no you can't. Because as long as you're standing there breathing over my shoulder, I feel like I'm operating on a stack of dollar bills, 25 million dollar bills, and what I need to be invested in right now is this kid, so please, get the hell out of my O.R.

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