Blair Waldorf rules. We expect this fact to become even more obvious when Season 3 of Gossip Girl returns March 8.

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oooh... look at her!!!! she is the real queen!!! i love her.. pretty.. her dress is amazing, her bag.. i die for that bag.. everything is great.. B love you so much....


OMG.. she is beautiful, stunning, gorgeous... I don't even have words to express my feelings and emotions.. i love her dress, hair, bag and everything.. i love her.. she is the BEST.. Go queen B!!!!!!


she looks kinda matrionly here :/


Wow! Guardian, you said so much! I agree with some parts.


You are absolutely right about everything except for the clothing thing, they don't ALWAYS put Blair in mature clothes, but the thing is she is and always was conservative, she doesn't dress in tightfitting dresses with ROCK metal-inspired details in front she is Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn, perhaps she doesn't show her sex-appeal to anyone but Chuck, but it's there, that's why he got so striken in 1.07 he SAW it and once you do you can never look away. The thing with Blair is at first look she is "pretty" type of beautiful, but then you look closely at her when she is caught off guard and is all freee and vibrant and you see her dark "fallen angel" beauty. Serena is the obvious type of beauty, the one that you can easily see but also get tired of and her personality traits make her annoying, I bet EVERYONE can agree with me that at one point or another at least ONCE they wanted to shake her pretty but EMPTY blonde head.
Also what I never got was why people keep insinuating that she has a better figure. An obvious plus in her figure is that she is taller than Blair, but then look at her BODY! I mean she is HUGE compared to Blair. I am not saying sh eis fat by no means, but compared to Blair's elegant petite skinny hints of curves, and the way her tiny waste stands out, what you see when you directly look at Blake's form is the sizable hips and strong legs. They may be long but the fact that her thighs look like they oculd fit two of Blair's sort of take away the length and one has to see ehr standing next to Blair to remember her length but then it is obvious how much bigger she is than Blair as well. So Serena is sexy, she truly is Merilyn Monroe, only I think Monroe was more wise and practical in her choice of men, and she definetely managed to keep the interested longer than Serena. So S is sexy and everyone lusts after her.... HOWEVER Blair is Audrey Hepburn, plays less sex-appealing and more innocent childish comic fairytale roles, but is still more famous and appreciated in the long run than the tiresome Merilyn. The same can go for their physical qualities. In "Funny Face" Audrey´s character is criticised for her body but it is obvious that she is more pretty and graceful than the rest, not to mention petite and slim! When a man sees Blair's beauty when she lets down her guard and the crazy pretence of being perfect and just shows the true woman inside her, one cannot help but FALL IN LOVE not only LUST! A good example is Nate. If you think about it, Vanessa was his reboud from season 1, and then it sort of continued with summer one night-stands aka Chuck Bass style of "moving on", and then he got back with his rebound girl.... and where does this lead him? BACK TO Blair!
THe scene in episode 2.19 where she TRULY lets down her guard around Nate without Chuck in the picture like in season 1, is when he realises that he didn't give his feelings for her a chance, he even says that at one point later on, and in season 2 finale, no matter how fleeting and poorly it was portrayed I think most people would agree that while their parting was closure for her, she truly DID BREAK HIS HEART, and then he was on the rebound again. I mean he even slept with Vanessa in Vence - which is probably partly the reason for her obvious dislike and envy of Blair... the fact that she is alsoways second to Blair's first.
And now he is with SErena. now I am not saying he doesn't have a crush on her or is in love with her, but it is pretty obvious that she isn't his first choice if he waited this long to SUDDENLY begin his pre-pilot puruit after 3 years of nothing. So Blair will always be his first love and also the girl who TRULY REALLY broke his heart for the FIRST TIME!
So like I said in 2.19 he sees her for who she truly is and actually falls for her, and I bet in season 4 we will get another Nair moment, it's comming don't doubt it... not that I am longing for it, Nate is not good for Blair. So yeah Serena is fun, sexy, gorgeous all eyes on her.'
But Blair is mysterious and once you get past her annoying public face and pretenses, you get to experience earth shattering and no matter how hard you try to get back to the point when you simply saw an annoying brunette with strange morality clauses and an innocent look, you cannot forget the beauty she hides deep within.
As for her physical appearence in season 2 she did get abit heavier, but healthy just like Serena was in S 2 and in this season. Blair was something of an anorexic in season 1, and though Serena was much thinner then too than she is now (Blake majorly gained weight comared to season 1) ... and then got abit round in the middle of the season 2, in season 3 she sort of found an equalibrium and is now very much like in season 1 but looks more mature like in season 2. As for Blair's clothes, I agree that in the end of season 2 she looked abit weird, maybe it was due to her skin tone, she doesn't look good inbronze sunkissed skin and the colours were completely off in the last few episodes, not to mention the designer didn't follow the season spring/summer colour palette at all. And in the beginning of this season it looked completely out of place what he put on her, sort of reminded one of Serena and then suddenly a detail makes you recognise Blair, creating a Serena wanna-be effect that made Blair look abit pathetic. But ever since episode 3x07 the choice of outfits is PERFECT! Yes it is abit dull at times, but just like wih Chuck, though he likes purple and is pretty hot in his weird season 2 outfits, he isn't handsome in them, just looking uncomfortable, while int he dark colours and more masculine clothes they have been putting on him ever since episode 3x03 he looks not only handsome like Nate but also dangerous and NOT in a comic season 1 and 2 way.
Yes, bowties and purple are welcomed, but for an epic scene or a love declaration or a fight, with other words a scene that fans will be replaying over and over, I hope tat they will keep him in his more masculine suits like in "The Debarted" episode. Lets be honest guys a man, especially as dangeous and powerful, as dark haired/dark eyed as Chuck is looks practically irresistable in masculine attire. There is a reason for his his sad beauty in episode 2x13, he looks masculine and manly au natural! As for this picture, I don't agree on it being gorgeous or beautiful! I mean even though I am a Blair fan (shocker I know *rolls eyes*) I have seen Serena in much more flattering clothes. She doesn't looks mature like Blair does when put in a conservative dress, but rather OLD. I swear sh elooks almost like Lilly's younger SISTER rather than her daughter in this picture, come on BETTER outfits for Serena!
Better SLs for Blair! PS. Why on earth would htey put Nate and Serena making out scene and film it AT BLAIR's HOUSE!!! I mean UGH! THat's weird and wrong on so many levels. Now I know already now that they will ignore this realisticly awkward situation just like they did with the whole Chuck and Nate moving in together issue and the tension there concerning Blair, sicne hse vroke NAte's heart like 4 months prior, btu still knowing Blair's confidence problems ESPECIALLY when it concerns Nate and Serena, she would just think about how they betrayed her and her humiliation - cuts and wounds that deep do not heal over the span of 2 years, it take a long time!!! I mean really! Blair's living room? That is beyond digusting!!!


shrimpie you're right
But she looks stunning nontheless.


this outfit makes her look older than 19;(

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