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B-Dubs Pic
The great Blair Waldorf in "The Last Days of Disco Stick." What do you suppose she is scheming now?

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Blair: Is that chocolate?!


this couldn't be a blair's dream.
blair's dreams are always based on old movies and she has an accent xD
this kind of looks like a play or maybe some brilliant plan she has to take over NYU.


Hahahahahahahaha, oh gawwd, hahaha


It's for a play. But she looks kind of ridiculous... so, yeah


I don't think it is a dream !! LoOl .. it looks like just Blair has dreams in this show hahaha


I think this photo looks like a painting :) Agree with Lela Rose. It's a dream and she's probably the step mother of Snow white.


Is this mean't to be like a hallowen party,
or is it maybe just a dress up party???


No, B's always better dressed in her dreams. I think she's playing the wicked queen from Snow White for the theatre club at NYU


i think this is a dream sequence of some sort, like snow white, there's the mirror and all.

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Blair: My sexual tension radar is unparalleled.
Chuck: Point ceded.

As a famed literary critic once told Oprah, memory is subjective. It can be embellished or denied. But as James Fray knows all too well, the truth always comes out.

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