Baring Fangs
Many female viewers may prefer to see Eric's bare backside, but he wants to let us know: the vampire can bare fangs as well as ass.

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LOL about the hearse.Someone on the fmruos made the suggestion that Mark Rein Hagen do a forward or something. Since we are having a lot of discussions about going back to Vampire's origins, I thought it was worth pointing out that it's damn near impossible to get any information on or about him. I realize we are talking ages ago, and much of the WOD we love was developed after, but there has always been a fan interest in the guy. Is he an unpopular topic at the company?

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You're too busy praising Jesus to realize your daughter wants to move in with him permanently.


You're about to get deader, dead ass mother fucker.


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