Belle Du Jour
Blair Waldorf is the Belle Du Jour every day if you ask us! Anyone out there disagree? No?

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Dorothy blanco

Bien sûr qu'elle est!!!jolie chose!!! Aimer!


I have never seen someone SO GORGEOUS look so AWFUL. I keep thinking the show's styling will get better but it doesn't. Well, it might for Serena. But not Blair, not anymore. This sucks. Her appearance in each scene alone used to inspire me. Now it's just disappointing.


Belle du Jour? Um... yeah... but not in that way.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Chuck: When you dragged me in from that alley, you didn't just save my life, you gave me the hope of a new one.
Eva: Well the you I've been living with never did anything to be ashamed of. I hope you'll bring some of him with you back to your world.
Chuck: I fully intend to. If you'll come with me.
Eva: To New York? You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don't need tickets. I'm Chuck Bass.

Blair: Just because you're poorly dressed doesn't mean you're not Chuck Bass.
Chuck: Why would I want to be him?