Ben and Serena
Ben and Serena come face to face in "The Townie." This should make the December 3 episode of Gossip Girl VERY interesting.

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flashback time!

Its nice to be queenb

Total flashback... check S uniform I am guessing he will be 22-24 and she will be 16 in this episode


OMG thanks guys i thought this was prob present time and i was like WTF did ben brake out of jail and serena is with him and hes talking about a book. WTF and WTF for serena!!! book!!! ???


So, some food for thought: To teach on the high-school level, you would need a Master's degree (which can be completed in 1-2 years after a Bachelor's, so if you complete the MA/MS right after the BA/BS, then by graduation you'd be 23 or 24-ish) and, at some private institutions, you can begin teaching with just the BA/BS (which, traditionally, would mean that you're 21 or 22-ish) while working towards your MA/MS. With that in mind, it would make sense if Ben looked a bit young - especially when we bear in mind that Blake is 23 and supposed to be, what, like 16? 17? in these flashbacks.


yeah he is the teacher they had been talking about him for a couple of times now...i think is boring now...lets hope i am wrong :)


Serena looks adorable and totally sweet! J'adore what she's wearing!! It's so.....blair waldorf! no? :)


this shall be interesting...


I also think it's a flashback and Ben, who was a professor, had an affaire with Serena. And remember: Jenny once said that Damien told her while Serena was going to boarding school, she spent some nights in a bed and breakfast with a teacher. I think all this would make sensce, because Damien went to boarding school with Serena and in the upcoming episode "gaslit" he appears again!


I think is a flashback!!haha like in seson 2!! but Ben look young as Serena...thats bad


I bet you that Ben is the professor that Lily mentioned Serena had a fling with while she was at boarding school. It would explain why he wanted to get Serena caught with Colin and why he's out to get her if they were found out and he went to prison. If she was at boarding school when this happened she would have been around 16 which would mean if they were sexual it would be considered stat. rape. Who knows but maybe this is the reason behind his hatred of her. Even if they weren't sexually intimate, the authorities could have assumed they were - hence the guilty/not guilty thing...

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You can't show up at a masked ball and not expect at least one social climbing doppelganger to try and impersonate you.


She wants you all to think she's the perfect host and mother and wife, but the truth is she's a selfish liar who will destroy anyone that gets in her way.