Big Night For Dan
Could the February 28, 2011 episode of Gossip Girl be the one in which Dan and Blair hook up? That's the rumor ...

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I want DAIR. I want DAIR. these two characters are far more intesting that Serena and Nate who seem to have a new love of their life every two episodes. Nate has done every chick on the show recurring or not. Serena has done mostly everyone recurring or not...and she always finds that she is madly in love with him (for a week or three) then moves on to the next with her newly found feelings...I cannot keep track of who is she really in love with. She is like the Fergie song "clumsy".


I just wish this show didn't have to have everyone to sleep with everyone.It takes the fun out of it. We know that eventually Dan and Blair are going to break up because the fans have been promised Chair. (Btw, I'm also not a fan of Chuck running around telling every girl since Blair that he loves them, Eva ok, but now Raina? Geez, way to cheapen the build up) I'm not shipping a couple that's just going to break up, which means no more Blair/Dan banter that I've enjoyed since season 1. I like them as friends, they're great as friends. Oh, since I mentioned Blair sleeping with all the leads (Chuck, Nate, and now Dan), I should be fair and point out that now so has Dan (except Jenny of course). Serena, Blair, and Vanessa. That's only three people but still, that's all the main leads.


Okay well if you ask me I think the big twist will be.. Chuck and Dan have been secretly hooking up. And that Chuck told Dan to keep an eye on Blair since he still has feelings for Blair. So one night Chuck and Dan are at bar having some sexy time..all of sudden Failnessa shows up wanting to give Dan some info about Ben.. Why you ask? It's because Serena has been ignoring Trollnessa calls. Before Whatsherface? (troll) shows up she spots chuck and Dan having a quick make out session she takes out her phone takes a picture and sends it Gossip Girl. When Blair sees the blast she is full of shock! Dan then confronts Blair about it Clamming that the picture was photoshopped he the ask Blair to kiss him to proof he has feelings for her. I know crazy huh? Some of you people are confused as to why are Chuck and Dan hooking up. Well I think ever since Dan became rich. Chuck has had some urges with Dan. Dan just wanted to experiment with Chuck. Since both only had one guy friend. I think the writers are trying to be faithful to the book bout time!


well, i totally agree with you.....


I love Dair, but could you imagine the look on Season One Blairs face if she found out :L


hahahaha lelarose is a hater baha get on somewhere for real.. gtfo


Lela Rose, firstly Lord Marcus and Prince Louis are not male leads - so they don't count, and blair would never join the ranks of vanessa because vanessa shouldn't even be counted as a female lead. So far, blair has only slept with as many male leads as serena has. and if we are counting lord marcus and prince louis, then serena has done much worse - nate - when he was with blair, dan, nate, dan, carter, aaron, gabriel - who was originally with poppy, dan - now her stepbrother & nate - juggling the two, tripp - nate's cousin AND married, dan & nate again, colin - her professor, ben - ex-professor, ex-convict and colin's cousin. so, really even if blair gets with dan, at least they got to know eachother and are quasi-friends, unlike serena and vanessa.


LelaRose, you sound like a certified hater lol. Are you mad cause Dair is really cute and actually work on some non-twisted level? Dair has managed to engross people with barely a touch. Nothing over the top nor angsty has occured between the pair and *gasp* people are still eating it up. People like them because they actualy talk to each about their feelings, their opinion on art, their future? It's not some superficial "save the woobie" angst shit that happens with Chair. It's not JUST chemistry (lust?) that people admire about Dan and Blair but the maturity their relationship would project. Even if they remain friends it would still remain the most entertaining ship on the show.

Snow not so white

LelaRose you said it right - not even Serena's done that =)


Sorry I forgot, intersect a Jack Bass in there somewhere... Lol bad, bad innuendo....

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ADA: Whenever you're ready, Mrs. Humphrey.

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