Blair and Nate
Chace Crawford (Nate)and Leighton Meester (Blair) are part of the posse on CW's new series Gossip Girl, which premieres on Sept. 19.

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Nate & Blair are ment 2 be.
She does look good wiht, Chuck but even better wiht Nate!! (L)


nate and blair are the best, chuck and blair suck


i wish nate still dressed like this. hes so much scruffier now. Theyre both dressed amazinglyyy here. i think B's style has even changed a litttleeee too. theyre all a little more laid back, but Nates changed the most. his look isnt as sexy anymore =p


I love Nate and Blair! they have to be together


i love the clothes of blair, she is so cute


She's still in love with chuck .Nate is her crutch.


This is a nice picture of them. Sad.


Blair was sad and most probably upset this was in season 1 when nate told blair to try to forgive him and move on or they end it this was when nate was a total ass and still so much in love with serena hopefully that has changed the part where he won't be an ass again with blair.


He looks so cute but Blair seems upset with something.


aaah, he looks so sweet when he sleeps

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